16 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - The big day

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We are almost there! Everything we have been building towards is just around the corner and tomorrow we will see Meet Magento UK 2020 in all its glory! And to help you get ready for it we thought it would be helpful to take a look at the event as a whole to help you plan your day.

First things first the conference will kick off at 9.30am (UK time) with a welcome from JH CEO and event organiser Jamie Huskisson. The whole event will be hosted on a virtual event platform and you should receive details on how to access that sometime today if not tomorrow morning.

Each session will last about 30mins and close up to 5 mins of live Q&A at the end and I have it on good authority that even though some of the sessions will be pre-recorded for fear of technical issues that all of the speakers will be live for the Q&A's.

With the whole event being live the reality is that you are not going to be able to watch all sessions from the same track one after the other, as they will be happening at the same time so you are going to want to plan your day out to be sure to catch the session you really want to see however the virtual event platform will help you do this by letting you build a personal agenda and since there are handy 5 min intervals between each session you can easily switch between tracks to get to the sessions you want to hear the most.

But don't worry too much about missing out if you want to hear 2 sessions that are in the same time slot because all ticket holders will have access to an archive of the sessions later on.

We've also recently received news that the lunchtime entertainment is 2015 Finalist of Britains got talent and comedic impressionist Danny Posthill who will be taking virtual centre stage at 12.30.

Check out these video's below to see him in action.

youtube.com video 1

youtube.com video 2

When we began this series we talked about how we loved the mixture of commerce and community at last years event and though this year won't quite be the same for obvious reasons there will still be opportunities for you to chat and meet other people at the event through the networking channels that will be available on the platform and of course by using good old social media but don't forget to use the #mm20uk.

It is going to be a packed event so it's really important that you do some pre-planning, below you will find a list of each tracks speakers with a link to each of our blogs on each track.

9.30 - 9.40 - Jamie Huskisson - Keynote - Welcome

9.40 - 10.10 - Peter Sheldon - Keynote

Tomorrow Came Early - the new normal of the customer buying experience 


Track MC - Rebecca Brocton

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/rebeccabrocton

Twitter - twitter.com/RebeccaBrocton

Youtube - youtube.com/c/rebeccabrocton

10.15 - 10.50 - Andy Mulcahy

What Impact Did COVID Have on Online Retail?

10.55 - 11.30 - Chloe Thomas

eCommerce Marketing - what you should be focusing on now to grow your business in 2020

11.35 - 12.10 - No Speaker

13.10 - 13.45 - Luke Carthy

How to Nail Google Analytics for eCommerce

13.50 - 14.25 - Vatsal Shah

Content-driven Commerce is Your Future

14.30 - 15.05 - Marsha Naidoo

Mind the Gap: Working Towards Diversity and Inclusion

15.10 - 15.45 - Samar Elshafiey

Designing Memorable Mobile Experiences


Track MC - John Knowles

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/jrknowles

Twitter - twitter.com/knowj

10.15 - 10.50 - Amy Swan

Cloud Scaling Magento - from Basic to Complex

10.55 - 11.30 - Gilberto Cocchi

Web Vitals - essential metrics for a healthy site

11.35 - 12.10 - Karolina Szachnowicz

What Can Test Automation Do For You? Save time, reduce cost and minimise risk.

13.10 - 13.45 - Drew Garratt

Progressive Web Apps for Today | Running production PWAs for performance and growth

13.50 - 14.25 - Patrick McLain

Fast Cache with Magento

14.30 - 15.05 - Chris Brabender

Building a Maintainable Future with Magento 2

15.10 - 15.45 - Oleksandr Lyzun

Asynchronous Magento


Track MC - Janak Kika

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/janak-kika-69ab53112

10.15 - 10.50 - Jessica Tinker

PayPal: How to Keep Momentum Amid Covid-19

10.55 - 11.30 - Amy Marks & Ian Scarr

Klevu: To Site-Search & Beyond | 10 Magento Brands Getting it Right

11.35 - 12.10 - Dan Payton & Patricia Calzada

Klarna: Beyond 2020 - The Future of Retail

13.10 - 13.45 - James Grainger

Checkout.com: Redefining Your Checkout Experience to Unlock Growth and Boost Revenues

13.50 - 14.25 - Brian Mapley & Maša Prastalo

Adyen: Adopting an Agile Approach to Ensure You’re Better Prepared for Growth

14.30 - 15.05 - Peter Boerhof

Vertex: 2021 EU VAT Rules – what eCommerce businesses need to know

15.10 - 15.45 - Jon Palmer & Richard Gardner

Klaviyo: Taking a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes Across All Channels


Track MC - Stephanie Kershaw

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/skershaw88

Twitter - twitter.com/steph_k88

10.15 - 10.50 - Nicole Cornelson

Adobe Sensei for Commerce

10.55 - 11.30 - Eric Erway

Headless Commerce with PWA and Magento 2.4

11.35 - 12.10 - Ray Bogman

Ten Building Blocks of Digital Transformation | "Innovation Matrix"

13.10 - 13.45 - Vikrant Shukla

The Art of Requirement Gathering

13.50 - 14.25 - John Stockton

Magento Product Roadmap Update

14.30 - 15.05 - Olena Tkacheva

Transforming Shopping Experience with Magento Page Builder

15.10 - 15.45 - Megan Harron

Magento Extension Ecosystem Updates

The day will round off at 15.50 - 16.00 with Jamie Huskinsson bringing the event to a close with some Thank yous and closing remarks and then it's back over to social media for the after-party!

With that all said we also come to the end of our pre-coverage of this years MMUK20, join us tomorrow on twitter as we cover the event live! Don't forget to use the #mm20uk for the event and #HusseyCoding if you want to interact with us directly. Also if you haven't already gotten your tickets go get them now by following this link


So until tomorrow stay safe and have a great day.

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