5 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Ian Scarr, Amy Marks & Eric Erway

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We are 5 days into our Meet Magento UK 2020 mini-blog series and so far this one-day online conference is shaping up to be one of the most crazy, informative, forward-looking and optimistic events of the Magento calendar!

Not only that but JH, the company behind MMUK'20 are donating ALL proceeds to charity! If you want to know more about which charities will benefit then check out our post in this link - mmuk20 moving online for charity

Ian Scarr & Amy Marks

Solution Track 10:55 - 11:30

Klevu: To Site-Search & Beyond | 10 Magento Brands Getting it Right

Klevu is an eCommerce search suite that uses AI to propel your store from "I don't mind browsing here" to "THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I SHOOOOP!!". Boasting features such as natural language processing, self-learning & personalised search and dynamic filters for both B2C AND B2B customers, Klevu is truly living up to its mission statement of creating the most advanced site search for every online store.

Who's it for?

Anyone who has a Magento store. Whether you are looking for a search suite, need a new one or even if you are happy with the one you have this is still the session for you.

Who are Ian Scarr & Amy Marks?

As you may have noticed, this session brings us a double whammy in speaker goodness but who are these Klevu experts?

Ian comes to the plate with over 22 years of sales and development experience including roles as developer manager at SoftBrands Ltd., Emailcentre UK Ltd. and e-relationship marketing Ltd. as well as being the director of sales for companies Silvertop, Lyris and SLI Systems and more before recently becoming head of sales at Kleuv UK.

Amy brings 10 years of experience after her time in roles such as chaplain's assistant at King's Collage London, Pastoral assistant at St. Stephans in Westminster, a sales associate at Butler & Wilson, B2B marketing specialist at Cantab marketing services, assistant manager and eCommerce marketing manager at Butler & Wilson and now EMEA marketing manager at Klevu.

To connect with Ian and/or Amy just follow the links below

Ian Scarr

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/iscarr

Twitter - twitter.com/IanScarr

Amy Marks

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/amy-marks-294b1b66


Website - klevu.com

Eric Erway

Platform Track - 10:55 - 11:30

Headless Commerce with PWA and Magento 2.4

What is headless commerce? Imagine I'm watering my garden using my hose pipe, the water comes from the tap, through the pipe and out in one stream of water, but I need to water a lot of flowers all at once, what do I do? I take off the traditional nozzle at the front of the hose and attach a new one that sprays the water in multiple directions at the same time, headless gardening! Headless commerce allows you to decouple your backend (the tap) and your frontend (the nozzle) and replace it with an API (the new spraymattic 500). Boasting faster delivery, greater control and better security you can now deploy from the backend to multiple channels at the same time and Eric is here to tell us how Magento is losing its head!

Who's it for?

If you have an interest in how Magento works, own a Magento store or are just excited by tomorrows new normal then this is the one for you.

Who is Eric Erway?

With almost quarter of a century worth of experience Eric has worked for well known, industry giants such as AOL as senior producer, design director and product manager, Dell as a senior user experience designer, user experience strategist and experience director until becoming senior experience manager and senior manager of product management at Magento.

For more information on Eric follow the links below

Eric Erway

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/ericerway

Twitter - twitter.com/ericerway

We'll be back again tomorrow with day 6 of our mini-blog series, if you have enjoyed or found them useful then please like and share them on all of your favourite social media platforms. Don't forget to head on over to uk.meet-magento.com/tickets to get your pay what you can ticket and gain access to all these great sessions as well as helping some of the most vulnerable people in the UK during this time.

Thank you as always and until next time, stay safe and have a great day.

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