3 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Chloe Thomas & Gilberto Cocchi

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Today we continue our mini-series looking at the speakers and their topics from upcoming event Meet Magento UK 2020. Moving online on June 17th, MMUK'20 is a pay what you can event, with all ticket proceeds going to the Trussell Trust and all sponsorship donations going to Mind and Age UK. To find out more about these charities and the event in general, check out our post by following this link - mmuk20, moving online for charity.

Chloe Thomas

Merchant Track 10:55 - 11:30

eCommerce Marketing - what you should be focusing on now to grow your business in 2020

2020 has forced the eCommerce industry to learn, focus and adapt and to do it in a very short space of time, things that we were talking about doing X amount of years in the future have become a priority now, businesses who never thought they needed an online store are now only able to survive because of a quick move to an eCommerce platform but what is it that we have learned from all of this? and how can we use that information to shape and guide the future of not only our businesses but of the industry its self?

My money is on theses things being at the core of what we will hear from Chloe in this session as we look, learn and lead eCommerce into a new era. 

Who's it for?

If you have any involvement in the decision-making process or have the ear of someone in your company who does then this is the session for you. 

Who is Chloe Thomas?

As the marketing manager of Barclays bank, direct communications manager at Retail Variations, head of eCommerce at Ardington Ltd., founder and managing director of Digital Gearbox and now founder and eCommerce marketing problem solver of eCommerce Masterplan, Chloe is perfectly positioned to help us focus our future efforts. 

To connect with Chloe or just find out more check out the links below

Chloe Thomas

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/chloethomasecommerce

Twitter - twitter.com/chloethomasecom

eCommerce masterplan

Website - ecommercemasterplan.com

Gilberto Cocchi

Technical Track - 10:55 - 11:30

Web vitals - essential metrics for a healthy site

The whole theme of this conference so far has been thriving both now and in weeks, months and years to come. Core Web Vitals is Googles recently released metrics system designed to help web developers create, sustain and improve online experiences so I've no doubt that Gilberto will be showing us all of the benefits that come with it as well as how to use it to stay healthy, competitive and trading for years to come.

Who's it for?

Web developers and anyone interested metrics and or analytics. If you love to look at numbers and see your business from an objective context then this is the session for you.

Who is Gilberto Cocchi?

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Gilberto has worked for Usablenet where he was a web developer, developer technical assistant and a developer evangelist before becoming a technical account manager, senior technical web and mobile solutions consultant at Google.

For more information on Gilberto follow the link below

Gilberto Cocchi

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/gilbertococchi

Twitter - twitter.com/gilberto_cocchi

Thank you for joining us today, we appreciate the support and hope to see you back here again tomorrow for another MMUK'20 mini-blog.

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