5 September 2019

Developer Connection - A simple pricing model

Hello there and welcome back to another exciting mini blog by Hussey Coding

As we near the end of our series looking at the new Magento marketplace, Developer Connection, it's time to ask the big money question ... literally! Today we are looking at the what it costs to use Developer Connection as both a client and developer.

In this blog we will look at
 - Traditional pricing
 - Developer Connection - Simple pricing for clients
 - Developer Connection - Simple pricing for developers
If you have been following us in our mini series, you will most likely know what's coming, however, in case we have some who are just joining us on our grand tour of Developer Connection, let's take a quick look at the pricing model for the traditional marketplace. All of this information comes from our own research, collating data from 7 of the most known traditional freelancer marketplaces.

Most, but not all, will allow both clients and developers to sign up to their service for free, which is pretty much where all the free stuff stops.
A client will be enticed with the illusion of free tools to use, free payments to freelancers, free tracking of a freelancers progress etc. but in reality it's not free at all. For the privilege of being able to find and connect with all of the clients the site has encouraged to use their site a freelancer will either need to pay or have X% taken from the money sent to them through that sites payment plan from the client. This is the sites cut and the size of the cut depends on how much the job is worth, most sites state that the more you earn the less percent their cut will be, making it incredibly difficult for freelancers who are just starting out or who only have enough time for smaller jobs to make any money at all.

The freelancer now needs to decide if they will take a pay cut and only charge the client their normal fee, having the X% deducted from that, if they will up their fee so that the client pays the cut to the site or if they will up their fee enough so the client pays a portion of the cut but not all.
Please bare in mind that this is a typical example and not now each site works specifically. Some sites for example will charge the client the extra and not the freelancer.
In our research we saw that some sites will charge from 5% extra, depending on the cost of the project, and some will charge a staggering 20% extra, again, depending on the project. All of these figures are obviously available on their respective sites but they are not front and centre, in fact on one site we had to search through 5 pages of information to find these figures.
Here at Hussey Coding we think that this method causes distrust and uneasy relationships between clients and freelancers and so we are changing the game!
For a client to sign up to Developer Connection is free, you will then be able to use our questionnaire to help you create a project. Projects require a one off payment to post and that's it! Create, pay, post, done.

How much a project will cost to post will all depend on the options you chose, for example choosing a single developer for your project is free, hiring a team of say 20 developers will cost more however the total cost will be calculated for you before you click to create a project and as we said above it is a one off payment, once you click to create you are all paid up and ready to go!

Then all you need to do is sit back and wait while the service automatically matches you with the amount of developers you asked to be matched with, pick a developer and your project is underway.
A developer will need to pay an initial fee of £30 to join and then subscribe to the service for a monthly payment of £20. Note that this means when joining you will pay £50 (£30 initial and £20 subscription).

Once you have subscribed and set up your profile you can be automatically matched to an unlimited amount of client projects based on your profile, you won't need to be writing new proposals over and over with Developer Connection as your profile is your proposal so it's very important to spend some time developing and perfecting it.

After connecting with a client and agreeing to work together then you are free to work independently of Developer Connection, you can communicate how you like, work how you like, track how you like and not have to conform to the rigidity of a big brother style freelancer site. What's more is that whatever you earn from a project you get to keep 100% of it! We take a 0% cut from your work, nothing, nada, zip, it's all yours!

BUT WAIT! There's more! If you head to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk right now you can take advantage of our incredible 50% limited time discount for all clients and developers! So what are you waiting for?

We hope you have found this edition of the Hussey Coding blog helpful and informative, please help us to spread the word about Developer Connection by supporting us on our various social media outlets listed below. Thank you for your time and we can't wait to hear from you, until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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3 September 2019

Developer Connection - We just connect

Hi there and welcome back to the Hussey coding blog.

In this blog we continue or mini series looking at the new Magento marketplace, Developer Connection. Today we are taking a look at the primary focus of Developer Connection, in fact it's so important and integral to what we do we put it in the name, that's right, today we are looking at connections.
In this blog we will look at
 - The traditional marketplace - connect, control, cut
 - Developer Connection - we just connect!
If you have been around any length of time you will have inevitably come across marketplace sites, these sites are all geared toward attracting clients with promises of connecting them with the perfect freelancer. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing, it makes perfect sense to attract clients since freelancers need clients and if clients are all in one place then that's the best place to go to find them.

The problem comes after this where sites will offer a whole lot of bonuses and extra features to encourage the clients to stay, for example, being able to pay the freelancer through the site, being able to upload files to the freelancer through the site, being able to communicate and see the work the freelancer has done through the site, basically you can do everything through the site so you don't need to go anywhere else, everything is in one, convenient place.
Why would this be bad? again, everything being in one place isn't a bad thing, in fact it is very convenient ... but try contacting your freelancer out side of the site, try emailing them some extra stuff or paying them independently and what you'll find is that buried deep in the T&C is usually a penalty for operating out side of that site, it could be a small penalty or even as far as being barred from using that site again, either way, once you start using that site, you and your freelancer are stuck there for the duration of that project.

Of course, when everything is in one place why would you need to do anything outside of the site? It was free to sign up and all you really need to do is pay your freelancer their agreed price and everyone's happy.
Except what you may not realise as a client is that the freelancer is getting hit with an extra charge and this is the sites cut of the project, it's how the site makes it's money and also why they encourage clients stay and pay through them. So now our freelancer has 2 options, either they take a pay cut and pay the X% the site is taking as a cut themselves or they add the X% to their rate, meaning they take home what they should be and the client pays the cut to the site without ever knowing it.

Developer Connection is not like that at all, we just connect, it's that simple.
Clients can sign up for free and begin creating projects right away. There is a fee for posting them but once that's done the matching process begins immediately.
Developers will pay a one off fee for signing up and then be able to create their profile, they will need to subscribe to the service to be able to be matched but once subscribed they can be matched to an unlimited amount of projects.

Once a client has chosen a developer the connection will be made and our role in the project is over. That means that you are free to talk, email, skype and generally communicate in any way you see fit, you can use the systems that you're comfortable with for tracking work, use your preferred payment methods and all with no penalty attached, you will be free!

And speaking of being free, we take a 0% cut of the work! Again our role in a clients project is to connect them with a developer, that's it, there is no need for anyone to pay any more and no need for us to be involved with the project past that point.

We are so excited to be bringing this service to the Magento community and we whole heartedly believe that it will benefit both clients and developers alike but we need your help!
Head on over to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk and sign up NOW to take advantage of our amazing, limited time, 50% automatic discount for all clients and developers!

For a look at our regular pricing model just click HERE and then please share, like and repost these mini blogs all about this exciting new venture.
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29 August 2019

Developer Connection - Finding the perfect match

Hello and welcome back to another mini blog by Hussey Coding.

Today we continue our series on Developer Connection, the new Magento marketplace. 
There is an old saying that goes "you need to get the right tool for the job ", this is also true of the client / developer relationship, which is why Developer Connection is here to help.

Getting as close to the perfect match as possible is what every one wants, it makes for smoother run projects, great relationships and an invigorating working experience. Our aim is to match clients with high quality, professional, experienced Developers who carefully and consistently complete projects to specification and deadlines.

In this blog we will look at
 - Matching - How it works
 - Matching - What happens next?
During the project creating process clients will answer a range of questions, some mandatory and some optional and it is this information along with information provided by developers, who have created profiles, that allow us to make great matches.

As a basic example lets say that client 1 needs a developer that can work between 11-20 hours a week on his 6 month project. Developer Connection will then look through the list of developers who have answered similar questions in their profile set up questionnaire.

Developer 3 has said that she can work a maximum of 30 hours a week and that she is interested in working on projects of 6+ months.
Developer 6 has said that he can work a maximum of 10 hours a week and that he is interested in working on projects of 1-3 months.
In this scenario Developer 3 will be matched but Developer 6 will not

The Developer Connection system takes far more than just this simple example into consideration, accounting for a range of different factors a huge amount of the hiring work is done for you, leaving clients and developers with more time, peace of mind and confidence in the connections that are made.
Client 1 has completed and posted his project and lets say that while creating his project, client 1 has asked to be matched with no more than 5 developers.

Automatically developers 1-5 will be matched with client 1 who will them look over the 5 developers profiles and decide which one is the best to complete the project. During this stage client 1 can contact as many or as few of the matched developers as he pleases using the contact details provided by the developers and in this case he decides to go with developer 3.

Once client 1 and developer 3 are both happy to begin the project they will both indicate this using the Developer Connection website. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly it allows other developers to see that the project has begun and secondly it subtracts that number of hours from developer 3's available hours.

Time goes by, the project is completed by developer 3 and obviously client 1 is ecstatic with the result. Client 1 and developer 3 go back to Developer Connection and mark the project as completed which in turn adds the number of hours back onto developer 3's availability.

While developer 3 is working on client 1's first project, client 1 is free to create a second project which developer 3 may not qualify for, likewise developer 3 is also free to work on projects posted by clients 5 and 9 at the same time if her hours permit.

We hope you have found this mini blog helpful in understanding more about Developer Connection. Please feel free to share, like, love and repost any and all of our Developer Connection mini blogs and help us grow to be able serve the Magento community better.

Don't forget that signing up to Developer Connection NOW gets you a whopping 50% off for all clients and developers! Head to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk to take advantage.
For a rundown of our regular pricing model click HERE

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