6 July 2020

Can I still run an M1 store?

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As many of you will know all official support for Magento 1 came to an end last week meaning that Adobe will no longer be devoting any resources whatsoever to the M1 platform going forward, in their mind, there is no longer Magento 1 and Magento 2, there's just Magento.

And while we here at Hussey Coding fully support migration to M2 today we will ask the question ...

If you have been using Magento since the start then your online store is easily coming up on being 12-13 years old, you have become overly familiar with the way M1 works and what it can do for you, you've had time to find and implement all of your favourite extensions, you have your trusted devs or dev teams ready to help and with all of that taken into account, I think it's perfectly understandable to want to stay with M1.

And of course, the short answer to the question is yes, you can still run your store using M1 and in all honesty, you can probably go for a while without any issues at all, however, that won't last forever. Below we are going to outline some of our concerns for the stores that stay on M1.


This is the big one because it not only affects your store but every part of your business, even the parts arent online! Let's be clear, you, as a store owner, have always been responsible for the security of your store however that mostly revolved around your ability to make sure the latest security patch was installed, that is no longer an option as there are no more security patches and so in some ways, you have more responsibility now in regards to store security.

Adobe has made it quite clear that it will not be responding to any M1 security issues and so you are very much on your own now and cybercriminals will know this, the further away from June 2020 we get the easier it will be for Cybercriminals to detect, infiltrate and exploit the gaps in your M1's store security.


If you want to keep any M1 extensions then you will need to download them by tomorrow (7th July 2020) as Adobe will be removing all M1 extensions from the Magento Marketplace. 

Also after the 6th of August 2020, they will all be removed from the Magento repository meaning that if you need an extension after these dates then you'll need to find someone to either custom build you one and like before you are going to be responsible in making sure that your extensions meet your security standards.

Third-party vendors

Traditionally as a store owner you are, or at least should be, quite careful about who you use as a third party vendor as picking the wrong ones can lead to difficulties, loss of reputation and even security risks however with the increased responsibilities on your shoulders and with the M1 platform becoming more and more diluted and varied from owner to owner as they make adjustments to their own stores, this may become an issue for third party vendors. Suppliers, contractors, payment gateways and others will probably stick around for a while, but again as time goes on it may be that we see a wave of TPV's refusing to work with the M1 platform as the further away we get from EOL then more of a risk you become to their businesses, reputation and security.


In the short term, nothing will cost you any more than usual, until there is a problem or your favourite extension stops working.

The reality is, even if you have an internal developer or dev team they are not going to want to work on old code and methods, they are going to be learning new languages, new methods and newer coding practices even if you don't use them because that's where the money is and the further and further we get away from June 2020 the more specialised an area M1 code becomes so inevitably cost will go up as fewer and fewer developers want to work with the older M1 system.

Not only that but a year from now when you want to revamp your site or store then you'll need to find someone to custom build it for you, incurring more cost again. Security and maintenance will cost you extra and as we will see in a moment as your cost's go up, your income will most likely go down.

Staying competitive

You will also need to take into account how crowded your market is and how competitive you want to be. If you are a small, bespoke store that doesn't see much competition then this may not be such an issue but as the world moves on around you it will get harder and harder to stay at the top of the coveted Google search. Even as new technologies are released it will grow increasingly difficult to integrate them into your business and again will probably cost you extra to get it to fit while other businesses easily leverage newer innovations and processes giving them the competitive edge.


Like we said above, there will be support out there, for now, vendors will not drop you tomorrow and your customers will not abandon your store overnight, however, the longer we go on the smaller and smaller that pool of support will become. M1 developers will be in short supply and even the generic M1 store will become unrecognisable from store to store as each individual store will require something different to keep it going until eventually M1 just isn't M1 any more. 

So what's the conclusion? Can you still run an M1 store now that EOL has come and gone? Yes but not for long, eventually you are going to have to move or migrate. M2, in our opinion, is your best option and though it will cost you a lot upfront, migration will save you more down the line.

If you are looking to migrate to M2 or you are looking for continuing support for your existing M1 store then head on over to Developerconnection.co.uk now and find developers and developer teams who are skilled in every area of Magento.

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30 June 2020

In conversation with Jamie Huskisson

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Hussey Coding 

Recently we had a great time covering and watching this year's Meet Magento UK, packed full incredible talks, insights and lessons that are not only helpful to developers and merchants now but will help inspire and shape the next generation of eCommerce.

Today I have the privilege to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the Magento communities finest contributors, a champion of PWA, the organiser of MMUK, CEO of JH and one of the nicest most genuine people, ladies and gentlemen in what has been called the greatest interview of all time I give you Mr Jamie Huskisson!

First off let me say that I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this and answer some of our questions.

It's the least I can do after you wrote all those blog posts!

So when you put out the announcement asking for speakers to submit their talks and you get all these "papers" landing in your inbox what does the process of selecting the speakers for the event look like?

There are different ways of breaking it down as it’s several things that come together to select our speakers:


  1. We have our call-for-papers, which typically attracts seasoned speakers inside the ecosystem that have spoken at other conferences (as well as some that would like to do so, that are new speakers)
  2. We have our scouting, whereby we attend a lot of events, listen to a lot of talks/podcasts - and share our favourites. That gives us some x-factor in finding people that you wouldn’t expect to see but also unearthing some raw talents at meetups/local levels that perhaps have only spoken to crowds of 5-30 before
  3. We actively enquire with people that we think will have expertise in an area, to encourage new speakers that have never spoken anywhere before to come forward
  4. We speak to Adobe to talk about the topics we want to see covered and work with them on the best people to represent this 
  5. We work with any sponsors that will be talking, to ensure that it’s not a sales pitch but genuinely useful to our audience

All of that and quite a bit more allows us to put together an incredibly diverse line-up of topics, speakers and a great conference. It’s often 9 months of conversations that lead to our line-ups and we mix all the above sources to find the best result.

Waw, that's an incredible amount of work! And obviously, it doesn't end there as I imagine after exhausting all of these avenues you would still need to whittle down the list of applicants. Do you have a checklist of criteria or something similar you use to choose who will be on the lineup?

It’s less a checklist it’s perhaps more around fitting the style and the theme that I want for the event each year. 

I said in our keynote, that each year of Meet Magento UK is a year for JH to say “this is what you should already know, to be at the top of the industry, and here’s what you should be focusing on to stay that way” - and you’ll see that repeatedly in our speaker selection. We want the best of the best, but I strongly believe that doesn’t mean picking the same speakers you’ve seen at every other event.

OK, now you have your line up for the event, the agenda has been announced and we're busy here at Hussey Coding typing away and making graphics but before the event, how much of the finished talks do you get to see before you go live?  

We trust our speakers so it’s often left up to them but we will check-in with them throughout the lead-up to the event. Experienced speakers, they almost always turn up on the day, do their thing and it goes just fine. Other speakers want to do several run-throughs. Some will want to write their talk a week before the event so they don’t overthink it. Everybody has their style, and it’s important that speakers are supported in a way that allows them to flourish, not just make them fit a system that works for you as an organiser. 

New speakers especially, you want to support them with encouragement and dive in wherever they need that support. From slide design to pace, to just sitting in a rehearsal to listen to the talk ahead of time to reassure them that it’s great or provide feedback. You do what’s required to ensure they know they’re doing a great job. 

Obviously this year was very different from other years due to lockdown and all that comes with it and you guys made this bold step in moving the whole conference online, what was the easiest part of that process for you?

The JH team, by far. As soon as I mentioned we were doing the event for charity, we found our purpose and ran with it. There wasn’t a hesitation. 

And finding an excellent production company to help us make the quality-bar we had set for ourselves happen. XSEM did a wonderful job on production, and they deserve a lot of credit for helping us make our vision come to life. 

What about the most difficult part of the online move?

The event platform, and finding one that works best. Frankly, each event platform, even the ones being released now, they’re all five years behind where they need to be. They’re all “done in a couple of months” minimum-viable-products that need a lot more events to be held on them to be more seasoned and polished.

and was there ever a point where you and team JH said; "let's just cancel the event" and if so, what was it that changed your minds?

Absolutely. When we saw the quality of everything being done elsewhere, we didn’t want to add to the noise. The experience would suck, it would be a glorified webinar, and it would be a let-down for our speakers. It had to be something worth doing, a quality bar needed to be hit, or we weren’t going to do it. We knew if we were going to do it, we’d have to make that happen and do a lot of things people just weren’t doing in their events to step above the level of quality we had seen.

We don’t get out of bed to do s**t work, and we believe the MMUK audience expects the best. 

I think it's safe to say that MMUK exceeded expectations and as always was an event not to be missed! and speaking of the event I assume that the 2 new tracks (solution and platform) were created in response to the event moving online, are there plans to keep them moving forwards into next year and beyond?

We’ll see. We added the two new tracks for different reasons:

  1. Solutions track, which focused on technology partners in the ecosystem, gave more ability to raise money for charity (because it made sponsorship more attractive) but also allowed some fantastic case-studies to flourish which we didn’t have room for in our merchant track
  2. Platform track, which focused on Magento’s features and services, allowed us to fulfil the number 1 piece of feedback we get every year which is that we don’t have enough Adobe-employed speakers on stage. This is a tricky one, as we’re not a conference for product demos, we feel you can get those anywhere. But every single year, it’s our top feedback - people expect to see it, and there’s not a good enough public avenue to learn about maximising features of the platform

Will we keep them? Let’s see. A lot of limitations on track numbers and sizes come directly from the limitation imposed by the physical venue you choose, so it will depend on how things shape up for 2021.

and lastly, for you personally, what was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part of the day, which is the same every year, is grouping back together with the JH team and discussing how everything went. There’s a moment where the MCs of the tracks, all the people that worked so hard at JH to pull together the hundred details that go into the event and myself all gather to just enjoy that post-event glow. 

This year, especially with £84,000 raised for charity and so many people in our society benefiting from the event, that moment felt particularly wonderful. 

I can never thank the JH team, our MCs, speakers and sponsors enough. It’s a team effort to do what we do.

Jamie thank you so much again for taking time out to talk with us and give us a peek behind the curtain of MMUK.

And thank you to all of you for joining us today for one of my personal favourite blogs.

Please remember to head on over to developerconnection.co.uk to take advantage of our client offer of FREE sign up and project creation and developer offer of FREE sign up and £10 monthly subscription for life, both of which will be automatically applied when you sign up!

We'll be back next week with another edition of the Hussey Coding blog but until then stay safe and have a great day!

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22 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Looking back

Hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of 

the Hussey Coding blog

It's been almost a week now since this year's Meet Magento UK and what a day it was!

30+ speakers, 4 MC's and even a comedic impressionist, it doesn't get much better than that! So join us we take a look back at MMUK'20

First thing that needs to be said, if you missed it then you have truly missed out, though this was an online event and the buzz of seeing, interacting and soaking up the atmosphere of the Magento community couldn't be enjoyed in all it's glory, the chat bars were flowing nicely with questions, encouragements and all the usual awesomeness that comes from this unique community.

This same community, through sponsorship and ticket sales, managed to raise over £84,000 for charities that are working harder than ever in this time of global and national crisis to care for the most vulnerable.

The line up of speakers was incredible and though we have not had a chance to catch up on all of the sessions, what we have seen lived up to the hype! Whatever your passion in eCommerce, whatever your skill, knowledge, problem or interest MMUK'20 had something for everyone. If you are a ticket holder then you can still (at the time of writing) head on over to the event page now to catch up or re-watch any of the session recordings.

Earlier this year we covered the Adobe Summit which, understandably, also went online due to the pandemic. In our opinion, MMUK'20 was a better event. Granted that the Adobe Summit had less time to get ready to make the move online however it's Adobe, they have the resources.

Don't misunderstand, we aren't saying that the Summit was bad we're just saying that MMUK'20 was better. How I hear you ask, well mostly because MMUK felt like an event, we needed to be online at 9.30am to watch the opening keynotes, we had to pick what sessions we wanted to see live, we could interact with speakers, MC's, sponsors and other patrons and sure we can go back now and watch the recordings but there was this energy about it, going downstairs to make a cup of tea became exciting because there were only 5 mins until the next session began.

So what happens now? Well first off you should have all received a feedback form in your inbox, it takes a few minutes to fill out and I know the team over at JH would appreciate your honest feedback about the event as it only serves to make next year all the better. Also, head on over to your favourite social media platforms and show some love for the event, talk about your stand out sessions, discuss, deliberate and keep the conversation going.

Thank you to everyone who liked, shared and showed us some love over the last few weeks, we really appreciate all of the support you have shown us here at Hussey Coding. Don't forget that we still have our FREE project creation and our lifetime Developer subscription discount offers running over at Developerconnection.co.uk which will be automatically applied when you use the service.

Next week I am super excited to bring you an exclusive interview with none other than MMUK'20's organiser and CEO of wearejh.com, Jamie Huskisson so be sure not to miss it!

Until then from all of us here at Hussey Coding, stay safe and have a great day!

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