1 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Jamie Huskisson & Peter Sheldon

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It's June which can only mean one thing for the Hussey Coding calendar and that is Meet Magento UK mini-blogs! That's right, they're back and better than ever!

If you are new to our MMUKMini blogs let me take a few moments to introduce you.

With MMUK20 moving online for charity and recruiting even more speakers than before for the one-day event, our posts will be packed with all the information available on not one, but two of the 30+ speakers that are scheduled to appear. Set to publish every day for the next 16 days (Inc. weekends) we have a lot of information to get through so let's dive right into our first...

Jamie Huskisson

9:30 - 9:40 & 15:45 - 15:55

Jamie, the man, the myth, the legend who has brought this all together, rightly, opens and closes the days Magento festivities. Having had the privilege to meet and chat with Jamie at last years event and occasionally online, it is clear to see that he is passionate about Magento and the Community that comes with it.

This is not only evident in his communication but also the work of his company, JH.

Champions of PWA creation, business analysis, brand development and much more, JH continues to be one of, if not the UK's top Magento agency, decorated with multiple Magento Imagine awards including 4 best mobile commerce experience awards and 4 Communicator awards.

It's safe to say that Meet Magento UK 2020 is in good hands with Jamie and JH!

If you would like to learn more about them then follow the links below

Jamie Huskisson

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/jhuskisson

Twitter - twitter.com/jhuskisson



Website - wearejh.com

Twitter - twitter.com/weareJH

Instagram - instagram.com/wearejh

Peter Sheldon

Opening Keynote 9:40 - 10:10

Tomorrow Came Early - the new normal of the customer buying experience

As it stands in this moment in time all we have to go on is a speakers name and their seminar title so much of what is to come will be speculative but who doesn't like a bit of guessing?

The title here would suggest that Peter is talking about the current climate we find ourselves in, a world where many merchants have been forced to set up shop in the digital realm, where eCommerce developers and specialists are busier than ever and where everyone is trying to do it from home.

It also suggests 2 other things, firstly that this was expected and secondly that it's here to stay.

So obviously I'm not saying that Adobe saw Covid-19 coming but Peter's opening statement is that tomorrow came early, meaning that this was always going to happen, maybe slower and not all at once but the inevitable truth is that eventually merchants needed to up the game with an online presence or risk being left behind and that this is our new normal, this doesn't all go away with the Covid-19 pandemic, if it were all to end tomorrow the digital and eCommerce landscape will never go back to what it was, businesses will continue to thrive online where before they were dying, innovations and ideas will become reality and commonplace tools and the market will undoubtedly become more competitive.

Who is Peter Sheldon?

Previously holding the position of senior eCommerce developer at Ford Motor Company, Senior developer at JP Morgan Chase, Product marketing manager at Elastic path software Inc., VP & principal analyst at Forrester Research and senior director of strategy at Magento, Peter is now the senior director for commerce and strategy at Adobe.

Bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the world of eCommerce, he is the perfect candidate to show us today's tomorrow!

To connect or find out more about our keynote speaker just follow the links below.

Peter Sheldon

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/petersheldon

Twitter - twitter.com/peter_sheldon

Join us again tomorrow where we'll be taking a look at the tracks and some of their speakers. If you haven't got your ticket yet then follow this link to register now


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Until then, stay safe and have a great day!

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