12 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Chris Brabender, Peter Boerhof & Olena Tkacheva

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Before we dive into today's blog we just want to remind you that MMUK'20 is donating ALL of its proceeds this year to 3 great charities, AGE UK, MIND and the TRUSSELL TRUST.

Please take the time to check out these charities and consider donating generously to help the most vulnerable people in the UK.

Chris Brabender

Technical Track 14:30 - 15:05

Building a Maintainable Future with Magento 2

One of the questions I always ask myself when starting something new is "is it sustainable?", when you start something new you're full of passion and excitement and everything seems possible but then you hit that inevitable wall, things that seemed doable then are out of the question now and so the ability to make good, measured decisions now to create a sustainable future for your store is vitally important and Christ is here to help us in doing that.

Who's it for?

This session is for you if you have a Magento store or develop stores for clients, if you need help with the implementation of ideas or are wanting to grow and are stuck.

Who is Chris Brabender?

Starting as a web developer at MyMoney Chris then moved on to be a web producer at Smith & Rowe, eCommerce solutions architect at Balance Internet, lead developer & head of platform strategy at Gorilla group before becoming a solutions architect and Magento practice lead at Absolunet.

For more information on Chris follow the links below

Chris Brabender

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/chrisbrabender

Twitter - twitter.com/brabs13

Peter Boerhof

Solution Track 14:30 - 15:05

Vertex: 2021 EU VAT Rules – what eCommerce businesses need to know

Let's be honest, who doesn't love sitting at home with good food, a glass of the bubbly and a large document explaining VAT cross-border rules ... what, no one? Seriously? oh, well, in that case, with new regulations coming from the EU to help the eCommerce industry adhere to its VAT demands Peter is here to help you navigate the minefield of the new VAT rules.

Who's it for?

If you are buying and selling in the EU or plan to at some point in the near future then this is the session for you.

Who is Peter Boerhof?

Indirect tax manager at Ernst & Young, VAT manager at KPN, senior management BTW at Deloitte, director of indirect taxes at Akzo Nobel NV and now VAT director CTO at Vertex Inc. Peter comes with almost 25 year's of experience and is more than qualified to be bringing us the latest on the VAT changes and what it means for eCommerce. 

For more info on Peter and Vertex please follow the links below

Peter Boerhof

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/peterboerhof

Twitter - twitter.com/pboerhof


Website - vertexinc.com

Olena Tkacheva

Platform Track 14:30 - 15:05

Transforming Shopping Experience with Magento Page Builder

What if you could create amazing graphics, engaging campaigns and superior webpages all in a few clicks, with little technical know-how and all from within your Magento platform? Well, now you can, thanks to page builder, Media Manager and Adobe stock integrations. The future of eCommerce is not your ability to produce something OK and put it out there, the future is customer-centric and customer-driven and so Olena is here to show us these tools and to give us some insight into what is to come.  

Who's it for?

Anyone running or developing Magento stores/sites and anyone who is looking for new ways of saving both time and money in their design/media spaces.

Who is Olena Tkacheva?

With almost 15 years of experience as a business analyst on customer self-service systems & marketing campaign provisioning systems for Incom, business management systems & project coordinator on unified application platform at Ciklum, Olena is now a project manager at Magento.

For more on Olena please follow the links below 

Olena Tkacheva

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/olena-tkacheva

Twitter - twitter.com/gella

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