3 June 2020

Meet Magento UK '20 - Jessica Tinker & Nicole Cornelson

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It's day 3 of our look at this year's Meet Magento UK and today we cast our gaze to new tracks on the block Solution and Platform who bring with them a myriad of new speakers and expertise.

Jessica Tinker

Solution Track 10:15 - 10:50

PayPal: How to Keep Momentum Amid Covid-19

Starting something is easy when you have the drive from either passion or necessity to do it but how do you thrive when things get hard, complicated or mundane? How do you keep that momentum going?

Jessica is here to help us, in a world where more people than ever are shopping online and the eCommerce sector is changing from day-to-day. Whether this is a session that advises merchants and developers or a time where we learn how PayPal themselves have kept the momentum going, we can all benefit from a bit of helpful advice or just learning from an industry giant.

Who's it for?

Anyone who is feeling flat, stuck in a rut or is new to the whole eCommerce scene. Also if you use PayPal as a payment option this may be for you.

Who is Jessica Tinker?

Currently holding the position of partner growth Manager at PayPal, Jessica brings with her over 15 years of experience after working in marketing & communications at Stephenson & Turner New Zeland Ltd., account executive at HainesAttract, national channel marketing manager and national propositions manager at Thomsonlocal.com and the UK channel marketing manager for ePages.

For more on Jessica or to connect with her follow the links below.

Jessica Tinker

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/jesstinker

Twitter - twitter.com/jesstinker1

Nicole Cornelson

Platform Track - 10:15 - 10:50

Adobe Sensei for Commerce

In case you didn't know, Adobe owns Magento and since the acquisition, Magento users have been able to leverage the tools, programmes and resources that Adobe brings to the table. Adobe Sensei is one such advantage! Available for Magento Commerce edition, Sensei is a powerful AI/ML tool, and I mean in the same way that the Death Star was a powerful tool! Able to allow it's users to save hours in a day, swiftly and easily interface with multiple applications and programmes Adobe Sensei is something to behold. Nicole is here to tell you all about it and to show you how you can use Sensei to increase revenue, brand loyalty and save time doing it.

Who's it for?

If you use Magento Commerce edition or are considering moving to Commerce then this is the one for you. 

Who is Nicole Cornelson?

With a career spanning over two decades, and still going strong, Nicole has held many titles, I won't list them all however just in the last few years she has been software development manager at Dell, Senior software development manager and later director of software engineering at Bazaarvoice, director of software engineering at Main street hub and is now director of Engineering Magento at Adobe.

For more information on Nicole follow the links below

Nicole Cornelson

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/nicole-cornelson

Twitter - twitter.com/nicolecornelson

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Come back tomorrow for part 4 of our look at MMUK'20 and don't forget that you can get your pay what you can tickets by following this link - uk.meet-magento.com/tickets

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