25 September 2019

Developer Connection Feedback

 Hi everyone and thank you for your time today.

This is a fun and unusual post from the Hussey Coding blog where we are inviting you to take a look at our new Magento project marketplace - Developer Connection and then to come back and tell us what you think.

Why are we doing this through blogger?
Basically we want to make it as easy as possible for you to tell us what you think so let's be honest, there is nothing more annoying that wanting to leave feedback and having to fill in forms or sign up to sites that we wouldn't normally go to and it also helps us to keep things centralised, making it easier for us to read and reply to your feedback.

What exactly are you asking me to do?
All we are asking is that you follow the link below to Developer Connection, which will open in a new window, take a look around and then come back to this blog and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

How do I leave a comment on blogger?
Leaving a comment is easy, just scroll down until you see this

If you don't have a google account and/or want to remain totally anonymous then select "Anonymous" in the drop down menu.
Enter your feedback and then click publish.
You'll be asked to prove that you are not a robot and be shown a nice picture with traffic lights or shop windows in it, just pass that little test and click publish again, it's that easy!

If you are new to Developer Connection and aren't sure what it is or want more info please follow the links further down to our mini blogs.

Ok, enough from me, it's time to hear from you!

Follow this link to www.developerconnection.co.uk and then head back here to give us your feedback.

For more information on Developer Connection check out our blog posts below

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Thank you in advance for your feedback, we look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions in how we can make Developer Connection a better service for everyone!

Want to contact Hussey Coding? here's how
You can mail us at info@husseycoding.co.uk
Visit our website at www.husseycoding.co.uk

Or join in all the fun on our social media profiles
Facebook - facebook.com/husseycoding
Twitter - twitter.com/husseycoding
LinkedIn -linkedin.com/company/hussey-coding
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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