27 August 2019

Developer Connection - Who's it for?

Hello and welcome to another mini blog by Hussey Coding.
Today we will continue our mini series looking at the brand new Magento marketplace,
Developer Connection.

In this blog we will look at
 - Developer Connection - A Magento specific marketplace
 - Developer Connection - A U.K. specific marketplace
Developer Connection is a project marketplace exclusively for Magento clients and developers to post and find high quality, professional and rewarding projects, to build lasting and meaningful business relationships and to help connect the Magento community that little bit more.

As a Magento specific development company, we here at Hussey Coding understand the traditional marketplace, we know what it's like for developers to endlessly have to write proposal after proposal for a system that forces them to compete with unrealistic offers and all in the mere hope that a client will choose them. We understand the frustration of looking for and finding Magento specific projects that have all the relevant information upfront and we sympathise with the developers who have taken home less than what they should have due to marketplaces taking a high percentage from their pay for the "privilege" of using their service. 

Developer Connection offers an opportunity for clients to find skilled, capable, professional Magento developers to help them with any size or type of Magento project and the bonus with Developer Connection is that it's not run by a marketing or recruitment agency but it is run, maintained and overseen by professional Magento developers, people who know how Magento works, understand clients needs and recognise developers skills.

Our main focus for now is on the U.K. Magento community.
This means that for the moment Developer Connection is only for clients and developers based in the U.K. Clients will need to be based in the U.K. to be able to post a project however developers work a little different. A solo developer will always need to be based in the U.K. however there is a way for non U.K. based developers to benefit from the advantages of Developer Connection.
Lets use Hussey Coding as an example.

We have 4 coders working at Hussey Coding, 1 is based in the U.K. and 3 are not.
The 1 that is can join and create a profile on Developer Connection as a solo developer, the other 3 can join but cannot be solo developers, however when using Developer Connection, there is the option to create teams where a U.K. based lead can invite developers from around the world to join them on projects, obviously they will need to be signed up to Developer Connection to be able to be invited and every team must have at least 1 U.K. based developer on it.
So in this example our U.K. based developer at Hussey Coding has decided to invite our other 3 developers to create a team and so becomes the project lead, so all 4 of our developers are benefiting from using Developer Connection.

Thank you as always for reading and learning with us, please help to show your support of Developer Connection by sharing, reposting and showing us some love on your various social media profiles.

For a look at our simple pricing model for Developer Connection please click HERE and then head to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk to take advantage of our incredible limited offer of 50% off for all clients and developers!

To contact us with questions about Developer Connection or anything else please see all of our contact details below but until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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