20 August 2019

Developer Connection - Helping us to help you

Hello and welcome back to another blog by Hussey Coding.

Today we are going to be starting a mini series, delving deeper into how Developer Connection works and what it has to offer.

In this mini bog we will be looking at
 - High quality, in depth information - helping us to help you

The first thing anyone does when looking for work or workers is to get as much information as possible. When going for an interview, we often google the company first to learn what we can about their ethics, work model and reputation. We do the same when we get a builder to come and work at our house, we search out any and all information on them to make sure they will do a good job for a reasonable price and the same is true of the traditional online marketplace.

However there is a fundamental issue with how the traditional market place works and that is the lack of information required and given.
While some clients are very good at presenting their projects in a detailed, professional and accurate manner, there are many that do not, giving only the bare minimum in specs, budget and length of project. Granted this is partly down to the clients not giving enough information but also a failing on the market place in not requiring a good amount of information.

The same can be said for developers, most of the time developers are given some tasks to complete, an exam or test of some sort and sometimes an interview before being allowed to join, which all sounds great but there is no taking into account a developers past accomplishments, reputation or contributions, nor does it take into account the developers work ethic, professionalism or people skills.

It is in this environment of information shortage we find the confusion and chaos that is the traditional marketplace, an environment where developers scramble to "win" projects that have little to no accurate information and then getting frustrated with clients when the project is much bigger or smaller than originally expected. On the other side of the coin is the client who has spent hours siphoning through endless proposals from developers who maybe don't have the skills to do what they need only to find the perfect one and discover that they are no longer available.

Here at Hussey Coding we are passionate about creating good, respectful, professional relationships through Developer Connection and so we are doing away with the traditional method of information gathering! When creating an account with Developer Connection you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire tailored to gather as much information from clients about projects and from developers about things like hours of work, specialities and background. As much of this information is mandatory this means that both client and developer will always have the information they need.

In our next mini blog we will look at what this means specifically for clients and developers alike but for now we want to leave you with this thought, this idea, this new reality that the old way of doing things is over, there is something new on the horizon that does away with the old method of scrolling and proposing, with vague project descriptions and unsatisfactory results and that new way is

Please, help us spread the word of this new and exciting Magento marketplace by sharing these posts on your social media pages and don't forget to head on over to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk where for a limited time we are offering a huge 50% discount to all clients and developers who sign up!
For an overview of our regular pricing model please click HERE

Thank you in advance for supporting Developer Connection and Hussey Coding, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing all those wonderful shares and likes but until then stay safe and have a great day.

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