22 August 2019

Developer Connection - clients and developers

Hello and welcome to another mini blog by Hussey Coding.

Today we are continuing the journey we began in the last mini blog, Developer Connection - helping us to help you.
In that mini blog we explain what we mean by high quality, in depth information so if you're not read it yet, click HERE to jump on over.

In this mini blog we will look at
 - High quality, in depth information - what it means for clients
 - High quality, in depth information - what it means for developers
Firstly, creating a Developer Connection account for clients is totally 100% free!
After you have created an account you are then free to create a project.
To do this you will be presented with a number of question boxes like this

Here you will be asked to give some mandatory and some optional information and be asked questions like which version of Magento are you using? Do you need to integrate with external services? Would you prefer Magento certified developers? What is your maximum budget? and how many developers do you want to be matched with?

All of these questions are designed to gather as much good quality information as possible from the beginning to help us with the matching process, help you be matched to the right developer sooner and to help the developers understand the project in greater depth.
Once you have answered all the questions you can, you then create your project with a one off payment. We will go over costings for both clients and developers in another blog coming soon. You will then be matched with your chosen amount of developers and from there you can get your project started.

Developers will need to pay a one off joining fee to be able to create an account with Developer Connection. Once you are signed up you will be able to create an in depth profile, showing off past accomplishments and current skills by firstly filling out our developer questionnaire, including questions like how many hours a week can you work? What areas of Magento do you specialise in? Do you have experience in developing a Magento store from scratch? and secondly by having the opportunity to upload things like your C.V., website address, client references and any open source contributions you may have made.

We believe that being able to showcase you entire skill set is important, passing an exam of pre set questions can't do that for you and solving a coding problem that can be memorised before hand won't show off your skills but being able to display your credentials can go a long way to securing that project, especially when you consider the fact that your profile is your proposal! No more writing proposal after proposal after proposal any more, on developer Connection, we let your profile speak for you!

To be matched to clients projects you will need to subscribe to the service which is paid monthly by the developer. This gives you unlimited access to as many projects as you like, there is no cap or maximum number of clients you can be matched to, the only restriction applied will depend on how many hours you tell us you can work, meaning you will never be matched over your chosen working hours. It is also worth mentioning here, as stated in our announcement blog, that we take 0% cut from your work so every penny you earn is yours!

By being able to provide as much information as possible to all parties from the get go, we hope to banish that air of frustration, distrust and confusion from the whole process bringing about an atmosphere of efficiency, professionalism and ultimately trust between client and developer.

Thank you for joining us today as we delve deeper into the workings of Developer Connection. We are very excited about this new service but for it to be the success we are hoping it to be we need your help, the more people that know about Developer Connection the better the service will be so please help us out by reposting, sharing and liking all of our Developer Connection mini blogs on all of your social media outlets.

Also for a limited time we are offering a massive 50% off to all hose who sign up to the service. Head on over to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk NOW to take advantage of this great offer and then click HERE to see our usual pricing model.

For everything else Hussey Coding related check out our various social media outlets and we look forward to hearing from you soon, but until then stay safe and have a great day.

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