29 August 2019

Developer Connection - Finding the perfect match

Hello and welcome back to another mini blog by Hussey Coding.

Today we continue our series on Developer Connection, the new Magento marketplace. 
There is an old saying that goes "you need to get the right tool for the job ", this is also true of the client / developer relationship, which is why Developer Connection is here to help.

Getting as close to the perfect match as possible is what every one wants, it makes for smoother run projects, great relationships and an invigorating working experience. Our aim is to match clients with high quality, professional, experienced Developers who carefully and consistently complete projects to specification and deadlines.

In this blog we will look at
 - Matching - How it works
 - Matching - What happens next?
During the project creating process clients will answer a range of questions, some mandatory and some optional and it is this information along with information provided by developers, who have created profiles, that allow us to make great matches.

As a basic example lets say that client 1 needs a developer that can work between 11-20 hours a week on his 6 month project. Developer Connection will then look through the list of developers who have answered similar questions in their profile set up questionnaire.

Developer 3 has said that she can work a maximum of 30 hours a week and that she is interested in working on projects of 6+ months.
Developer 6 has said that he can work a maximum of 10 hours a week and that he is interested in working on projects of 1-3 months.
In this scenario Developer 3 will be matched but Developer 6 will not

The Developer Connection system takes far more than just this simple example into consideration, accounting for a range of different factors a huge amount of the hiring work is done for you, leaving clients and developers with more time, peace of mind and confidence in the connections that are made.
Client 1 has completed and posted his project and lets say that while creating his project, client 1 has asked to be matched with no more than 5 developers.

Automatically developers 1-5 will be matched with client 1 who will them look over the 5 developers profiles and decide which one is the best to complete the project. During this stage client 1 can contact as many or as few of the matched developers as he pleases using the contact details provided by the developers and in this case he decides to go with developer 3.

Once client 1 and developer 3 are both happy to begin the project they will both indicate this using the Developer Connection website. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly it allows other developers to see that the project has begun and secondly it subtracts that number of hours from developer 3's available hours.

Time goes by, the project is completed by developer 3 and obviously client 1 is ecstatic with the result. Client 1 and developer 3 go back to Developer Connection and mark the project as completed which in turn adds the number of hours back onto developer 3's availability.

While developer 3 is working on client 1's first project, client 1 is free to create a second project which developer 3 may not qualify for, likewise developer 3 is also free to work on projects posted by clients 5 and 9 at the same time if her hours permit.

We hope you have found this mini blog helpful in understanding more about Developer Connection. Please feel free to share, like, love and repost any and all of our Developer Connection mini blogs and help us grow to be able serve the Magento community better.

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