3 September 2019

Developer Connection - We just connect

Hi there and welcome back to the Hussey coding blog.

In this blog we continue or mini series looking at the new Magento marketplace, Developer Connection. Today we are taking a look at the primary focus of Developer Connection, in fact it's so important and integral to what we do we put it in the name, that's right, today we are looking at connections.
In this blog we will look at
 - The traditional marketplace - connect, control, cut
 - Developer Connection - we just connect!
If you have been around any length of time you will have inevitably come across marketplace sites, these sites are all geared toward attracting clients with promises of connecting them with the perfect freelancer. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing, it makes perfect sense to attract clients since freelancers need clients and if clients are all in one place then that's the best place to go to find them.

The problem comes after this where sites will offer a whole lot of bonuses and extra features to encourage the clients to stay, for example, being able to pay the freelancer through the site, being able to upload files to the freelancer through the site, being able to communicate and see the work the freelancer has done through the site, basically you can do everything through the site so you don't need to go anywhere else, everything is in one, convenient place.
Why would this be bad? again, everything being in one place isn't a bad thing, in fact it is very convenient ... but try contacting your freelancer out side of the site, try emailing them some extra stuff or paying them independently and what you'll find is that buried deep in the T&C is usually a penalty for operating out side of that site, it could be a small penalty or even as far as being barred from using that site again, either way, once you start using that site, you and your freelancer are stuck there for the duration of that project.

Of course, when everything is in one place why would you need to do anything outside of the site? It was free to sign up and all you really need to do is pay your freelancer their agreed price and everyone's happy.
Except what you may not realise as a client is that the freelancer is getting hit with an extra charge and this is the sites cut of the project, it's how the site makes it's money and also why they encourage clients stay and pay through them. So now our freelancer has 2 options, either they take a pay cut and pay the X% the site is taking as a cut themselves or they add the X% to their rate, meaning they take home what they should be and the client pays the cut to the site without ever knowing it.

Developer Connection is not like that at all, we just connect, it's that simple.
Clients can sign up for free and begin creating projects right away. There is a fee for posting them but once that's done the matching process begins immediately.
Developers will pay a one off fee for signing up and then be able to create their profile, they will need to subscribe to the service to be able to be matched but once subscribed they can be matched to an unlimited amount of projects.

Once a client has chosen a developer the connection will be made and our role in the project is over. That means that you are free to talk, email, skype and generally communicate in any way you see fit, you can use the systems that you're comfortable with for tracking work, use your preferred payment methods and all with no penalty attached, you will be free!

And speaking of being free, we take a 0% cut of the work! Again our role in a clients project is to connect them with a developer, that's it, there is no need for anyone to pay any more and no need for us to be involved with the project past that point.

We are so excited to be bringing this service to the Magento community and we whole heartedly believe that it will benefit both clients and developers alike but we need your help!
Head on over to www.DeveloperConnection.co.uk and sign up NOW to take advantage of our amazing, limited time, 50% automatic discount for all clients and developers!

For a look at our regular pricing model just click HERE and then please share, like and repost these mini blogs all about this exciting new venture.
Thank you again for your support, remember if you have any questions about Developer Connection or any other aspect of Hussey Coding then don't hesitate to contact us using the links below.
Until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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