15 August 2019

Developer Connection - Changing the game

Hello everyone and welcome to one of the most exciting editions of the Hussey Coding blog that we have ever published!

Today we can finally reveal some details on the super secret project our team of developers have been busy working on over the past few months.

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you...

In this blog we will look at
 - What is Developer Connection?
 - Why Developer Connection?
 - The traditional market place - How it works
 - What's different about Developer Connection?

What is it?
Developer Connection is a Magento specific marketplace for Magento developers and clients to connect, post projects, receive work and to create long lasting, professional and meaningful relationships.

Why Developer Connection?
Yes it's true, there are so many other market places out there already, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, GoLance, TopTal, so why on earth are we starting something new?
Simply, because we believe that we have a different take on matching quality clients with quality developers in a new and innovative way that's not found anywhere else in the wider market, but more specifically in the Magento market.

The traditional market place - How it works
As we've said, there are many other market places out there where you can post and acquire work, and in fairness there are some subtle variations between how they do things but for the most part they all operate the same way.

A client will create an account (usually free but sometimes not) and be asked to answer some questions before posting a project, things like what industry, project description, budget, project length, that sort of thing. Some times they may need to pay a fee to post and sometimes not.

Then a bidding war begins where developers will reply to a project post with offers of reduced cost or completion before the deadline in order the "win" the project. Of course that is all subject to what the client has posted in their project description, if that description is not accurate then a proposal to finish the work in 3-4 weeks could become longer, potentially bringing about an unhealthy sometimes strained relationship between client and developer.
Some sites will limit the number of proposals a client will receive or will match clients with developers based on pre determined specifics but ultimately it is down to the client who gets the project.

The site will then encourage clients to stick with and work through their site with a range of different options like direct messaging with developers, tracking developers work using the sites log system and being able to pay the developer through the site, everything in one place where you can see it all and keep track of every little thing that's happening, that's amazing ... right? maybe not.

Lets say a client needs some updates to their code, project length is 3-4 weeks.
They post their project, find a developer they like after an hour or so of scrolling and reading and offer them the project.
Now lets say that the developer takes home £2,000 from the project, then the site will take between 7% - 20% (depending on the site) of that £2,000 as a cut for the privilege of working through them meaning that the developer either needs to charge you more (£2,140 - £2,400) or take a pay cut (£1,860 - £1,600).

As a client this is not something that you hear about that often, in fact all but one of the websites that we went to, which are all geared to attracting clients, never mention this process happening at all, and the one that did mention this process required a little bit of digging to find it, but all encourage clients to work through them. The other thing is that developers risk being banned from market place sites for attempting to or doing work outside of a site that has provided a connection. As it stands those market places are where a lot of developers find the work they need to live and so can't afford the risk, so what looks like a great deal for the clients actually ends up costing them more.

What's different about Developer Connection?
 - Magento Specific
Developer Connection is specific to Magento, you won't need to be searching through a general marketplace looking for clients or developers for that perfect Magento match, they will all be in one easy to find place.

 - Gathering information
The process of creating a profile is simple but more in depth, giving both clients and developers as much relevant information as possible about each other and the projects posted right from the start. Clients will be able to easily post detailed projects with useful specification and developers will be able to create an in depth profile to both showcase the work they have done and highlight the skills they have.

 - It's easy to use
For clients all you need to do is join, create a project and be matched with developers.
For developers it's much the same, you join, create a profile, subscribe and get matched with clients.

We'll go into posting projects, creating profiles and how matching works in other blogs coming soon, but I promise you it's literally that quick and easy!
There is no need for Developers to write proposal after proposal after proposal any more, and no need for clients to spend half a day scrolling through a multitude of offers, the reality is that even though traditionally it needs to be done, no one really has the time for it.

 - We work with you
There is nothing worse for clients than having a developer with only one eye on the ball and for developers to be juggling to many clients. Developer Connection will help with that, as a developer all you need to do is enter the number of hours you are available to work in a week, and when you become involved in a project this will be automatically considered before matching you to any new projects. Meaning that for clients, you can be sure that all developers matched to your projects are actually available to work on them and for developers, you won't become snowed under with more work than you can handle.

 - We just connect you
Developer Connection is there to match clients with developers and that is all!
You do not need to work through us, we take no cut of the work that is done and you are free to communicate between yourselves outside and independently of the DC service, no strings attached.

So lets take that example project from earlier and run it through the DC service to see how it compares.

We said that a client needs some updates to their code and the project length is 3-4 weeks. They post their project on DC and are matched with their chosen amount of developers (more on that in another blog). They pick the developer they like and offer them the project.
Now lets say that the developer takes home £2,000 from the project, DC takes no cut for the privilege of working through us meaning that the client pays £2,000 and the developer receives £2,000. It's that simple.

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For details on our normal pricing model click HERE

Thank you so much for reading, we hope that you are as excited about this new project as we are, please feel free to share and post this blog and we look forward to reading and replying to any and all questions and comments that you may have.
Until next time, stay safe and have a great day.

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