10 March 2020

Magento 2.3.4

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In mid January this year Magento released it's latest update, M2.3.4 for both Open Source and Commerce editions, packed with some fun new improvements for you to take advantage of both as a developer and a store owner. In today's blog we're gonna take a look at some of the things that M2.3.4 has to offer.

Page builder is Commerce's easy to use drag and drop ... well, page builder. It allows non technical users to quickly and easily create, organise and in true Magento fashion, fully customize almost every detail using the content tabs, flexible grid system and even scheduling of content and products all while being able to preview their work at any given moment.
You'll have full control over how the page looks and works. Want to organise your product by SKUs? go for it, by name? not a problem, or what about price? easy! but that's not all, you can display them any way you want too, you can show off all your product at the same time with static pages, show a selection of your top picks or most popular purchases using a galley carousel or heck, be adventurous and use both in an array of combinations, the choice really is yours!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Page builder is now coupled up with the power of Magento's PWA studio. Now if you are new to PWA check out the links below to read our series on what it's all about but in a nutshell, PWA stands for Progressive Web Application, it takes your lovely looking website and makes it look, feel and work like a native app on your mobile device. Now I need to point out that PWA does WAY more than just this so do check out our blogs to fully understand the true benefits.
Again, this is feature is only for Magento Commerce/Cloud customers but the potential here is incredible! Not only can you easily create a clean, slick looking page/site using the new and improved page builder but now, through the wonder that is PWA studio you can essentially make it an app, that's super fast, easily accessible and has all the power and reach of Magento behind it.
This is going to improve your SEO rating, it's going to load for your customers and clients even when their connection is weak, it's going to allow you to make quick changes while on the go using the page builder tool and most importantly, over all it's going to seriously help convert 'window' shoppers into returning customers!

Of course the idea of being able to convert lookers into buyers is great but at some point you're going to need to communicate with your potential customers ... if only there was some sort of chat feature available to help right?
Well now there is! Introduced with it's code integrated into the Magento platform in M2.2.2, dotdigital is back in 2.3.4 with all new chat and 'agent' features.
Now you're going to be given a free 'chat agent' and be able to upgrade if you need more. This chat feature will grant you the ability to interact and manage several chats not only at the same time but in real time too, also allowing you to send files, images, videos, invoices etc. but most importantly it will enable you to craft relationships and community with your clients and customers, which brings about, amongst other things, the opportunity to upsell, recommend products and get some free advertising through word of mouth about how great your customer service is.

Obviously those of you reading this who are not using the Magento Commerce version may be wondering if you need to update at all since all of the main features here are Commerce only. Well apart from some new features that we haven't covered as part of this update, that will keep you ahead of your competitors, give you better functionality and help you stay looking cool, such as Adobe stock integration which massively cuts down the time you spend googling and gathering images for your stock, an upgrade to PWA studio 5.0.0 which further increases it's value and abilities when it comes to the above page builder coupling, there are also some overall improvements on the platforms performance and some important security updates.
These are incredibly important to you and your business! With Magento being one of, if not the, biggest eCommerce platform on the market today, it is also a huge target for cyber crime, it's these updates that help protect your store and your business from such criminals so even if you don't care about or have access to the other great things that come with this update, DO IT ANYWAY! it could literally save your business!

Thanks again for supporting us here at Hussey Coding just by reading this blog, we hope that you found it informative and enjoyable, please feel free to leave a comment below or head to our various social media profiles to join in the conversation. Don't forget that there are also links below to our blog series on PWA's and until next time stay safe and have a great day.

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