5 November 2019

PWA - What's all the fuss about?

Hello and welcome back to another edition of the Hussey Coding blog.

Today we start a new series all about this exciting phrase that is making it's way to the forefront of the Magento conversation, Progressive Web Apps!

We've all been there, sitting at our desk/laptops just willing for the page to load or remembering that we need to buy that gift but we have no internet connection, maybe spending hours thinking and trying different things to engage with our customers and in all cases, getting no where fast!
PWA looks to change that, boasting speedier speeds, amazing integration, superior engagement and reliability more reliable than the most reliable reliability robot! Which is great, but what is it? Is it an app? is it a webpage? or is it something totally new?

Truth be told, it's all of the above, PWA's are websites that function as apps and though the idea of PWA's have been around a while, in the grand scheme of things it is all new, especially to the world of Magento.

A PWA will take your website and make it look and feel like a 'native app'. Native apps are the apps that live on your phone or desktop, they are extremely complicated to create and even more costly to produce and maintain however the majority of the world find native apps to be faster, easier and better to use than web based sites.

One of the biggest costs in developing a native app is that you need to develop one for every store you want to sell in, IOS, android, windows etc. That's 3 dev teams to create the same app for 3 different stores and it's crazy! PWA eliminates that making it possible to create the 1 app that will roll out to every store. In addition to that they work for everyone across the board! It doesn't matter what browser your customers are using firefox, chrome, internet explorer or anything else, PWA's work on all of them. The progressive here means that the app will grow and adapt as new web technologies become available, enhancing the user's experience depending on the browsers abilities but also that they will still work with older web browsers too.

PWA's boast many things, faster page loading, the ability to work off line and greater consistency across the application just to name a few and it does it all while looking and feeling like a native app allowing customers to easily install your companies website onto their smartphone or mobile device.
So far all the buzz surrounding PWA's has been great, but are they really worth it? What are the over all benefits of going PWA? and is it really that much easier and/or cheaper to invest in than native apps?
All of these questions and more will be answered over the next few weeks as we here at Hussey Coding delve deeper into the workings behind this new technology.

Thank you for taking your time to read our intro blog, please let us know what you thought, are there any questions you have about PWA that you'd like us to cover? then head down the page and leave us your comments. Alternatively you can reach us using any of our contact details below but until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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