9 December 2019

The pros & cons of PWA

Welcome back everyone to what will be our last blog looking at PWA

Over the last few weeks we've been focusing on some of the main features of PWA and so to finish off our run we'll be looking at some of the other things that make PWA great and some things that are maybe not so great about them. Today we'll be looking at...
PWA really does seem to be the best of both worlds, they have the reach and capabilities of the web browser with the interaction and ease of native apps, they are faster, bigger, stronger and cost a lot less to produce than the traditional methods of having separate websites and apps.
The secret is that it all comes from one codebase, there is no need to develop an app for iOS and android separately while developing a website on top any more, as long as your user has access to the internet then they can access your PWA and all the advantages that come with it, things like once the PWA is on their smart device or desktop they don't even need an internet connection to use it afterwards thanks to the cache and service worker doing their thing in the background.

Of course another advantage of creating everything together is that it reduces costs, you don't need 3-4 teams of developers and programmers working on the same content now for different platforms, seriously reducing your expenses. Your deploy times are reduced too as you won't need to wait for approval from the store owners, once your PWA is ready to go then it's ready to go and if that wasn't enough then there are no cuts to pay to the stores either, so that 30% you used to have to pay to Apple for certain features in your app has just been wiped out! While it is a huge advantage to not have to submit your PWA to the app store it will come with some slight disadvantages too.

Firstly you will not benefit from app store traffic, meaning that where as before you would compete to become the best app in the store by gaining more users etc. this is now not possible for you to do. Having said that it's not actually all that bad since on the one hand you may be losing AST but on the other you are gaining SEO! Progressive web app's are basically websites that look like apps and as such are now subject to Search engine optimisation!
Google have even factored PWA's into their ranking formula so if you are operating a PWA site then you're about to be bumped up the SEO ladder, making it easier for people to find you.

The second disadvantage to not submitting to the app store is that, as far as we can tell, it would be very difficult to monetise PWA's. Unlike native apps you can't charge someone to download your game or service so that initial source of revenue is gone but again this is not really a huge deal as in app purchases are still possible.

But what about the browser? the short answer is it doesn't matter, you could be using firefox, explorer, chrome whatever PWA will still work as they are websites but better and their better because they are progressive. That means that as your browser gets more impressive so does your PWA, as the browser becomes more advanced, so does your PWA but wait there's more! Not only are they progressive but they are always compatible too. It makes no difference what version of chrome you have, how old your firefox is or when your explorer last updated PWA's will always adjust and work on that version of your browser, in short, there's almost no stopping these things!

There is also the added bonus of your website now having access to push notifications! Push notifications are those messages that pop up on your phone no matter what your doing, you could be txting when your favourite game tells you your farm has finished building or you're using the sat nav and you get a news update appear on your screen.
Imagine the kind of difference that could make to conversions in sales if your website was able to do that through PWA! Susie has left items in her cart? no worries, send a push notification, worried that Matt isn't aware of your latest sale? not a problem, just push a notification to his phone and he'll be right there! And it isn't specific to sales either, want to tell people your latest blog is live? Send a reminder for the latest meet up date? or have some exciting news to share with your audience? PWA has your back!

When researching PWA we came across this split in the community as to whether PWA's can function alongside, fully integrate and/or interact with other features on a users device, things like accessing bluetooth or the devices camera or geolocation features. In reality with some ingenuity and out of the box thinking anything is possible and as we have said in a previous blog, even IF this is something that is next to impossible now just give it time, there was also a time where native apps couldn't interact with each other either and now we are able to log into our favourite games using our Facebook account while using our camera to take a new profile picture all at the same time. In short, if it's not possible now just give it time, someone, somewhere will fix it at some point.

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Until next time, stay safe and have a great day.

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