11 November 2019

PWA Speed - Websites vs PWA

Hi there and welcome back to another blog by Hussey Coding.

Over the next few weeks we're going to be briefly looking at some of the things that make PWA so attractive and has everyone in not just the Magento community, but in the technology community all of a buzz.

In today's mini blog we'll be talking about speed!
As I'm sure you all know, time is money, the more time it takes you to produce a product or service then the less time you have to sell it and inevitably the less money you make on it. The same is true for your website, the longer it takes to load the less likely the user is to stick around.
Staggeringly the average user will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! and to put that into perspective for you, if that sentence was a loading website then those users would have abandoned it around "website if it takes".

Users expect sites to load quickly and give an all round satisfying experience but we all know that websites aren't the quickest or easiest to navigate, especially on mobile, which is why we have apps and as good and effective as apps are not everyone can afford to make one, they can sometimes hit the same issues as a websites and even though an average user can have up to 80+ apps installed on their smart phones they only make use of between 9-12 on a regular basis and of those the majority are social media apps.
But what if we could have the convenience of an app with the power of the website? Enter PWA.

PWA's boast incredible loading speeds and there are some great success stories out there, one of a store in Africa called Jumia who reported that their bounce rate was reduced by 50% thanks to PWA meaning that because their page loaded quicker less people left the site. Lancome is another champion of PWA, reporting an amazing 84% decrease in loading time again bringing about a great conversion rate, in short PWA's have a faster loading ability compared to websites that do not use this technology.

We all expect our apps to scroll smoothly, open quickly and work perfectly and now with the power of PWA it not only looks like we might be getting it, but we'll be getting it at lightning speed!

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