8 May 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Gluestick

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Today is our last mini blog from this years Adobe Summit looking at the sneaks that were presented to us. This last one comes from Ron Nagy, starts at 30.33mins in and is called project ...

Project Gluestick brings all of Adobe's assets into play to enhance your business and to save you time. By setting up a simple workflow, giving Gluestick specific parameters to follow, it can automatically take raw materials, in this demos case pictures, and transform them into website ready files.

Gone are the days of sifting through countless images cropping, resizing and adjusting for hours on end, with Gluestick all you need to do is tell it what you want, it will even add things like tags, text and swatches for you. Combining the power of tools such as Sensei, Marketing and Experience manager Gluestick can automatically produce your desired end result with a few clicks of a button.
Ending at around 34.34 this sneak brings the session to a close and you can see the whole session here - ADOBE SUMMIT SNEAKS

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