3 May 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Bon Voyage

Hello there and welcome back to another exciting edition of
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Today we are taking a look at the penultimate sneak from this years Adobe Summit brought to us by Erin O'Connor. Starting at 26.20 and ending around 29.40 it's one of the shortest sneaks but still packed full of greatness, so come with us as we take a look at project ...

Project Bon Voyage uses journey orchestration coupled with AI, ML and Adobe Sensei to help marketers guide customers to content or product that is right for them. Encouraging engagement, spending and personalization across the board for all customers with the click of a few buttons, project Bon Voyage not only does it all but it does it all in real time, helping you to see data as it's coming in on all of your campaigns.
It's as simple as setting a goal, goal type and goal target and letting Bon Voyage do the rest.

But what if you want to adjust or add to the customer path half way through? Not a problem, not only does all the data get presented in real time but you can change things in real time too allowing you to instantly update your campaigns to maximise effectiveness and ultimately revenue.
Check out the full video here to watch Erin demo the project as a casino hotel marketer - ADOBE SUMMIT SNEAKS.

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