1 May 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Access Ace

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Today we delve into the fifth sneak from this years Adobe Summit, project Access Ace, brought to us by Meera Nair.
Starting at 20.45, Project Access Ace is a tool designed to help your portion of customers with vision impairment, cognitive disabilities and who are photo sensitive. Meera reminds us that though this may not affect you now there's no guarantee that sometime in the future it won't so we should all work together now to advance this technology.
But what exactly does it do? Using Access Ace you can check all of your campaign content and then tweek it to be more friendly to all of your customers.

In this demo, Meera is creating an email campaign and runs it through Access Ace to see how accessible it is to all her customers, Access Ace uses the backend HTML code, creates a score using the web content accessibility guidelines and then offers suggestions on what can be done to improve this score.
Things like editing colour contrast between text and backgrounds, inserting alternative text on images and creating document titles, which in its self is quite impressive but then Access Ace goes one step further and gives you a tick box next to each suggestion, clicking one or all of these boxes and then clicking "Auto correct" at the top of the page allows Access Ace to make those changes for you cutting down on the time you would have spent doing it manually.

Using AI and Adobe stock images, Access Ace can also make recommendations of alternative images for your campaigns and also produces the alternative text for that image for you to review and use, automatically updating your score as it goes along. Once you are happy with how it looks you can then run it through Access Ace's screen reader to make sure it also sounds good too. This segment ends at around 25.22 and you can check out the whole video here at ADOBE SUMMIT SNEAKS

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