26 April 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Clothes Swap

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We're on our 4th sneak today from this years Adobe Summit and it's all about creating the perfect look, for your customers that is, for you it's all about saving time, money and making work that little bit more fun.
Project Clothes Swap comes to us from Ayush Chopra and begins at about 16.05 in the sneaks video. This is basically virtual dress up for the consumer but also a great way to eliminate cost and time restraints for you, the merchant.
Traditionally, as you know, the way you crate an online catalogue or line of product is to hire a number of models and have them all wear a number of items during a lengthy and costly photo shoot. Then there is the arduous task of choosing and editing all of the images in order to complete your gallery.

Clothes swap changes all of this. It's made up of 2 components a Product simulator with single images of all the products you want to use and a Model simulator with single images of the models you want to use. All you need to do is select a model and a number of product items and Clothes swap will automatically overlay the product image to the model, but what if you want to display one product on multiple models? Not a problem, Clothes swap can do that for you too! Clothes swap is able to completely remove the need for long drawn out photo shoots with multiple wardrobe changes and replace it with the click of a button.

But the fun doesn't end there! As end users your customers can also play with this technology. In this example your customer has decided to order some jeans from your site, they add them to the basket and a box pops up with some product recommendations listed. They can then select a top from the recommendations and click the visualise look button to see what the top and jeans look like together.
As we all know, looking at a model wearing clothes they like and your customers wearing them are two different things, well Clothes swap has taken that into consideration too! By uploading a picture of themselves and clicking visualise look they can now see themselves in the clothes in their baskets before purchasing them, it's the ultimate online dressing room experience.

Now if you saw me day to do then you would know that I am no fashionista but even to me the idea of being able to see what I would look like in clothes I want to buy online before I buy them sounds like a good deal.
Check out this sneak and all the others at ADOBE SUMMIT SNEAKS and then come back here on Friday for our look at sneak #5. Until then stay safe and have a great day.

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