1 April 2020

Welcome to the Summit! - Adobe Summit mini blog

Hello there and welcome back to another edition of the
Hussey Coding blog

Adobe Summit is HERE! That's right the fun has all began and everyone is welcome to the party! So let's dive right into this first mini in the series
Once you arrive at the Summit page, link below, you'll be hit with a welcome video from Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President and CEO of Adobe coming from his home office in California. Without spoiling the whole video for you Mr. Narayen talks a little about what Adobe has been up to while in lockdown, about some new things since last years Summit, about the impact and positive change going digital can make to our businesses, customers and community and some new exciting things that you'll have to watch the video to learn about. There are a few more videos underneath that will auto play and the whole set lasts about 1hr30.

From there you will be met by a gallery of the 6 keynote speakers and their tracks

1. Content
2. Data & insight
3. B2B
4. Commerce
5. Journey management
6. Advertising

There is also the Sneaks "track" showing off 7 projects that are being worked on behind the scenes at the moment, all of which we are going to be covering in a later blog. Clicking on one of those beautiful faces will take you to that tracks home page where you will find not only the keynote video for that track but also all of the breakout sessions associated with that topic.
 In total there are currently 117 breakout sessions available for you to choose from and possibly more on the way not to mention the keynotes and a few other vids dotted around for you to see.

I cannot stress to you enough what kind of an amazing opportunity this is to be able to access all of this content for free! Even on a logistical level this is amazing, as some of you know Hussey Coding went to Meet Magento UK '19 last year and between two of us we managed to cover the whole conference, that would not be possible for us if we were physically at Adobe Summit but now, through the wonders of technology we can cover the whole thing from the comfort of our own homes and so can you!

We'll be back soon with some of our favourite things about this years Summit but until then click HERE to see it for yourselves.
Thank you as always for supporting us here at Hussey Coding, don't forget that Developer Connection has gone social and to celebrate we have some amazing discounts for both developers and store owners alike, head to any of Developer Connections social profiles, listed below, to find out more!
Until next time, stay safe and have a great day.

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