6 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 Content track - keynote

Hey there and welcome back to another edition of the
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In this series of mini blogs we're going to be taking a closer look at the amazing content available to us during this years Adobe Summit, with over 100 videos to watch it can be hard to know where to start or what to look for so we are here to help. So with no further delay get on your marks, get set and lets GO!
There are 6 tracks to choose from in this years summit, Content, Data & insight, B2B, Commerce, Advertising and Journey management. Each category comes with their own breakout sessions comprising of multiple videos for you to enjoy and absorb, some of which we will look at in later blogs but for the next week or so we'll be delving into the keynote sessions for each track.
In today's mini we'll be looking at the Content tracks key note by Aseem Chandra featuring demos by Gina Casagrande and a testimonial by Helly Hansen's chief digital officer, Chris Hammond.
The title of this video is "Making every moment personal, every experience shoppable" and it doesn't disappoint! Showcasing some of the amazing capabilities of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), now a cloud service and Magento commerce across the 3 key points of Agility, Omnichannel experience and Personalization.

Aseem and Gina demonstrate for us abilities such as auto updating so you'll always have the latest version, how you can have a seamless workflow between content and commerce allowing you to create, manage, personalize and publish products using native integrations, how AEM and Magento work together to bring you an easy but complete interactive connection between content and commerce management using the latest technologies and AI, introducing new ways of automating product recommendations to increase conversions, easier search options for international members of your teams, Geo targetting personalisation and much, much more!
Then to round up the video we take a look at the innovative way that Helly Hansen have been successfully applying AEM and Magento to their customer centric strategies.
Click HERE to watch it now.

Thank you for supporting us today, we'll be back tomorrow with a look at the next tracks keynote session and some insights into what it's all about.
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So until tomorrow, stay safe and have a great day!

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