24 April 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Segment Scout

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We're on day 3 of our review of the sneaks to come out of this years Adobe Summit and today's sneak comes to us from Aaron Shields, so sit back, relax and learn all about project Segment Scout.
Using Adobes experience platform, with the help of data mining and natural language processing, segment scout is able to help you locate and target the right portion of your audience for specific content. Aaron starts to explain the normal process of doing this is by opening segment builder and giving it criteria to follow in order to find the audience you are looking for. You would do this by using the schema, selecting the type of data and adding it to the central panel.

But what if you aren't familiar with this data, what if you aren't sure of the title your looking for? Enter segment scout!
Segment scout allows you to enter single or multiple keywords and then basically does the work for you. It searches and extracts all data containing or relative to those key words you entered and brings them to your attention, it will even suggest other key words and show you exact results based on your searched keywords.

However the fun doesn't stop there, what if you don't know how to set up the criteria in the first place? Never fear, segment scout is here!
Even with a vague idea of the customer or type of audience you want to reach segment scout can construct the criteria for you. Just type in some keywords or even a small sentence asking it what you are looking for and it will find it, creating suggestions of criteria rules for you and then bringing up the results based on those criteria.

For all the info on this nifty little project check out the session here ADOBE SUMMIT SNEAKS and head to about 10.45 to jump to the start and it ends at about 15.25.
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