7 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 Data & insight track - Keynote

Welcome one and all to another pact edition of the
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Today we continue our mini series looking at and enjoying this years fully free, all online experience that is the Adobe Summit!
Over the next few days we'll be exploring the keynote sessions of the 6 tracks that are available to us, Content, Data & insight, B2B, Commerce, Journey management and Advertising.
If you missed our first blog - Adobe Summit '20 Content track - Keynote
then click the link to check it out.

Today we'll be taking a deeper look into the Keynote session from the Data & insight track presented to us by Anjul Bhambhri who is VP of platform engineering at Adobe with demos by senior evangelist of analytics & data science of Adobe, Eric Matisoff.
Ready? Set? Then let's go!
Today's video title is "Ignite experiences through real-time customer intelligence" and you can watch it HERE.
"Adobe experience platform is a game changer" this is the claim by Anjul Bhambhri and in this video both she and Eric do a fine job of backing up this claim. Covering the 4 key principles at the centre of Adobe's experience platform, data pipeline, real-time customer profile, Machine learning and AI and cross channel experiences we see how easy tracking and analysing both historical and real-time customer data can be and how applying it can lead to better conversion rates, increased customer loyalty and better understanding of how consumers interact with your brand across all of your channels.

As Anjul kicks off this session we come to understand that using a tool called identity resolution you can now create real-time customer profiles within Adobe experience platform allowing you to collect a wealth of data based on the customers experience in browsing, purchases and preferences and it's these profiles that will form the foundation for building valuable customer relationships.
We're then taken to see all of this in action with a demo by Eric. Here he shows us how to use Adobe's experience platform to leverage this new well of data, collecting it from other Adobe applications as well as third party data streams and how combining this with the web SDK you can collect this data in real-time to make it available for analysis and application.
Anjul then takes us through some new innovations in analytical tools such as cross-device analytics and customer journey analytics, we hear about the new algorithm attribution model, the new executive mobile app for Adobe analytics, some new intelligence services in the Adobe platform and some exciting new features that are coming later this year but you're going to have to watch the video to find out what they are!

Anjul tells us that her team "have been hard at work pushing the boundaries of what's possible with data from every interaction you have with your customers". After watching this video I for one completely believe her!

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