8 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 B2B track - Keynote

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As you will know by now this years Adobe Summit / Magento Imagine was moved to the digital realm due to the global pandemic, this unprecedented moment in history has forced the whole world to think and act differently, those who love to be outdoors are encouraged and in some places made to stay indoors, huge sections of our economy are closed for an undetermined amount of time and business across the globe are having to change and change fast!

This is the focus in today's keynote session from the B2B track, brought to us by Sarah Kennedy, VP of global marketing for Adobe experience cloud, Nnamdi Nwoke, head of US growth marketing at SAP Concur, Brian Glover, director of product marketing and Morissa Dacay, Sr. director of global enterprise marketing at Adobe.
 "The new era of experience in B2B" is this keynotes title and for the majority of this session you will be with Sarah Kennedy as she explains in detail the 3 key principles that will define the new era of marketing as a whole!
Firstly that marketing must become ground zero for growth. Growth needs to be in the DNA of anyone involved in marketing and that in this new era and new climate marketers should be bold and courageous and see the current situation as an opportunity and not to be feared.
During this first point we are introduced to Nnadmdi who emphasises the need for marketers to speak the language, develop the skills and to understand businesses like never before.

Secondly Sarah talks about account based experiences as opposed to account based marketing, encouraging marketers that engagement is the goal and the lack of focus on providing for a businesses needs is to neglect one of the core principles of marketing. She then hands over to Brian who demos for us Marketo engage. Built with B2B marketers in mind, Adobe have recently finished a complete renovation of it's architecture and are excited to introduce some new services, as always you'll have to watch the video to find out what they are.
He then hands over to Morissa who shares with us the story of Adobe's own journey from a complete focus on account based marketing to a more holistic mindset of account based experience in the realm of B2B.

Sarah and Brian then talk and demonstrate for us what Adobe is doing to encourage and cultivate human interaction in all B2B areas in her third definitive principle the power of human connection. Looking at how Adobe is not seeking to replace teachers with tech or cashiers with computers but instead looking to create an easier, faster and more consistent work environment for all. Check out the full video HERE.

And with that we are half way through our keynote mini series here at the Hussey Coding blog. Thank you as always for helping to support this blog, please check out our contact details below where you can like and share this and all of our content on our social media sites and don't forget to come back tomorrow for our next exciting instalment.
Until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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