14 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 Customer journey management track - Keynote

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Today's blog is the penultimate blog in our series of Keynote sessions from this years adobe summit. The Customer journey management keynote is brought to us by VP of platform and products at Adobe experience cloud, Suresh Vittal with demos from both Mathieu Hannouz, Sr. evangelist and group manager at Adobe experience cloud and Freida Bou, Sr. solutions consultant.
This keynote sees Suresh ask the question, how do you grab a customers attention in a sea of personal messages from every other brand?
And then goes on to answer that question for the remainder of the video. Starting with the 4 key components, those being a real time unified profile, batch and real time journeys, content art and science and AI/ML intelligent services, Suresh talks about and explains how Adobe has designed not only its product strategies but also its vision to help you to create, activate and benefit from the tools at the heart of your companies customer journey management strategies.

He introduces us to the Journey orchestration tool that is coming soon, allowing both Adobe and non-Adobe applications to leverage real time signals and then to be able to deliver in the moment personal experiences to individual customers on a huge scale.
We see some new capabilities coming to Adobe campaign standard and classic in the form of additional scale with Adobe experience platform, experience platform audience sharing and data services for standard and external data access with connections to snowflake and hadoop 3.0 and interactive emails with support for Google AMP for classic. As usual we don't want to spoil the whole video for you so you can see what else is new by checking it out for your selves here adobe.com/uk/summit/2020/customer-journey-management.html

Next we are shown a demo of the journey orchestration tool by Mathieu, with the ability to enable companies to act on live data and use it to interact with customers in real time, journey orchestration helps you to create the best one to one real time customer experience possible.
But wait, there's more! Suresh tells us that "Adobe is doubling down on the investment it makes and helping B2B marketers innovate around the digital customer journey" and that these investments fall into the following 3 categories, building a foundation for growth, connecting people and content at scale and powering sales experiences.

Freida then demonstrates for us how Marketo engage combined with the power of experience cloud can be used to create personalized buyer journeys by looking at 3 key areas, how to create consistent and adaptive experiences across channels, how to use content and intelligence to connect with your audience and how to measure what's driving engagement and growth.
We then come back to Suresh who closes up the session by reminding us that customers need to be at the centre of what we do and that Adobe is committed to helping companies, be they B2C or B2B, achieve that goal.

Thank you for sticking with us in what has been a rather long mini blog, again, much like the other keynotes, there are so many things to unpack form these short sessions that it would take us a long time to get through it all but do be sure to come back tomorrow for our final keynote breakdown.
Thank you again and until tomorrow stay safe and have a great day.

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