16 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 Advertising track - Keynote

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Today we breakdown the final keynote session - Advertising! Brought to us by VP and GM of Adobe advertising Cloud, Keith Eadie with the help of Greg Collison, head of product for Adobe advertising cloud, and demos from Shelley Huang, Sr. solutions consultant. So for the last time, get on your marks, get set and let's GO!
Keith begins his keynote by telling us that over the next few years there will be new avenues and opportunities in advertising and that Adobe is building tools and systems to help us take full advantage of them. He tells us that Adobe and the advertising world have been operating in what he calls the "exposure era", much like shotgun advertising, a lot of content bursting onto every device and media stream, but now Adobe are moving to the "experience era" a more targeted, sniper type of advertising delivery that focuses more on customer experience than on saturation.
He then highlights for us the 4 key trends that are shaping this new era.
Firstly the rise in privacy tides, the open vs closed internet, customer data fueld decisioning and lastly that customer experience is paramount.

Adobe have been hard at work creating systems and solutions to these trends in order to help advertisers not only negotiate these new waters but to sail them confidently and competently. Keith then covers the 4 capabilities that any system hoping to provide customers with real time, first party data for both open and closed internet, must have.
These 4 capabilities are self-service application for all advertising channels, seamless activation of first-party audiences, single source of truth for reporting and attribution and connected advertising for connected journeys.

Obviously the next big question is how will Adobe achieve this?
For that answer we head over to Greg who goes over in great detail how Adobe advertising cloud will enable you to capitalize and benefit from the new and exciting opportunities that Keith mentioned earlier in the session.
He then goes on to share some new innovations that are coming to advertising cloud such as Campaign home, which allows you to gain faster insights, simplify your workflow and is designed to help you and your team to improve outcomes and work more efficiently, TV planning, the unified profile, connected advertising and talks about some new measurement and insight tools all coming very soon.

We then cut to Shelley who demos for us how Adobe planned an advertising campaign, personolised their stratergy and evaluated the effectiveness of the campeigns using a combination of Adobe analytics and advertizing cloud before joining Keith for the closing of the keynote session.
As always we want to be very careful about spoiling the experiance for you so we have, as with other blogs in this series, left a lot of information out so head over to adobe.com/uk/summit/2020/advertising.html to check out the full video.

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