14 April 2020

Adobe Summit '20 Commerce track - Keynote

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We hope that you have had a well rested and productive bank holiday weekend and are ready for another week of Adobe Summit keynote goodness!
That's right, we're picking up where we left off last week with the next of the keynote sessions brought to us by Jason Woosley, VP of commerce product and platform, who is joined by Jennifer Small, senior solutions consultant as she demos some new things in the world of Magento and later by Anil Chakravarthy, EVP & GM of the digital experience business unit at Adobe who answers some questions about how Magento and Commerce in general fit into the overall vision and makeup of Adobe moving forward.
I imagine that this is the one most of you have been waiting for, this is the keynote and track that centres its self around Magento and all that comes with it and once we have covered all the keynoteas and one or two other interesting things we will come back and do a few weekly blogs specifically from this track. Jason starts off by talking a little about what he calls the 4 pillars of Magento commerce, Superior shopping experiences, Intelligent commerce, Business agility and open & scalable and how using these pillars they claim to be "expanding opportunities in commerce for businesses of all sizes".

He then goes on to make some announcements of things coming up in the world of Magento such as the release of M.2.4 coming this year, stay tuned to the Hussey Coding blog for coverage when it's released, featuring headless commerce and omnichannel capabilities, easier to access abilities in the world of PWA such as B2C compatible store fronts and PWA extensions for marketplace, the integration of Adobe stock into the M2 admin panel and the expansion of B2B capabilities with things like B2B buyer workflow coming soon, more sophisticated purchasing workflows, enhancements in importing and exporting processes, product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei and much, much more!

Jennifer then takes to the screen as she demonstrates for us the new product recommendations and Adobe stock using the recently added page builder on your M2 admin panel. Not only are these new abilities amazing time savers but they go a long way to enhancing the level of customer engagement that you are able to achieve, with these new tools you can now create unique shopping experiences for each individual customer.
Following on from Jennifer's demo we have a QnA between Jason and Anil, we hear a little about Anil's background before Adobe and they discuss such questions as how commerce fits into the digital experience vision for Adobe? What are the roles of Magento partners and developers in the Adobe ecosystem? and how are Adobe meeting the needs of the mid market customers?

There is so much to unpack from this keynote that it would probably warrant a few weeks of blogs just to cover it all so do remember to go and check it out for yourselves at adobe.com/uk/summit/2020/magento-imagine.html. 

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