23 December 2019

Developer Connection - What it says on the tin!

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All of last week we took a fresh look at what Developer Connection has to offer, as you may have noticed by now we here at Hussey Coding are really excited about this new service, not just because we are behind it but because we really believe in it, in it's uniqueness in a crowded marketplace, it's ability to stand up to competition and that honesty and transparency is at the core of everything that it offers! This is a service that prides it's self on clarity, this is a service that takes good and honest business practises and puts them into practice, this is a service that seeks to put the user back in the driver seat, this is ...

In today's blog we want to talk about the over riding goal of Developer Connection, in fact it's so important to us that we put it right there in the name of the service! Our goal is to connect people, that's it ... honestly.

There are no hidden T's&C's to make you have to stay with us, no secret systems that force you to do all of your work through the service after you've made the connection, nothing. Once you are matched and have entered into an agreement with a client/developer we have no part in anything afterwards!
We are not like other services in many ways but this is one of our biggest areas of difference. In the traditional marketplace the clients are usually the target, if a marketplace can get clients to sign up then freelancers will follow and so they are offered free accounts, limited free tools to be able to track progress or you can access the full range of tools for a price, communicate with freelancers and even an in house payment method so that everything to do with your project is all in one big, convenient place, which is great ... for clients.

Unfortunately, usually burred deep in the T's&C's there are rules that prohibit communication outside of the service, or terms that prevent external payments to take place and all of these breaches will incur a penalty or some sort, even to the point that the user will be bared from using the service again. As the clients are the targets of the majority of advertising, it is usually made difficult for them to see this side of the marketplace unless they themselves are a freelancer and have had previous experience or they have taken the time to read and follow every page and link in the T's&C's. The freelancer however will be made aware of these stipulations to encourage them to encourage the client to stay in the marketplace.

This on it's own is quite underhanded and can be the cause of a client/freelancer breakdown in relationship, which of course the marketplace is there to help with if needs be. But wait, there's more!
What many people don't know is that most traditional marketplaces take a cut of the work done by the freelancer, anything from 9% to a massive 20% PER HOUR! And this for the privilege of being able to use the site.
Now the freelancer has a choice to make, do they charge the client their normal fee and suffer the X% loss, do they split is between themselves and the client or do they pass it all onto the client to be paid by them? What ever the choice I think you will agree that someone is paying more than they need to! This ladies and gentlemen is the traditional marketplace.

We are here to change the game!

When you sign up to Developer Connection as a client you will create a free account and then create your project. Once that's done you will be shown your total to pay to post your project. You will have the option to purchase extra connections after posting if you wish but we are confident that you won't need to use this feature. 
As a developer you will pay an initial fee and then will need to subscribe to the service to be matched to potential clients and after that ... nothing!
You are free to contact each other how you want, to use whatever tools and payment methods make you comfortable, you will not be bound by Developer Connection in any way! We really do what we say on the tin, WE JUST CONNECT!

Oh and we take a 0% cut
No hidden charges, no extra fees, no secret exchanges, we take nothing from you apart from what is laid out above. So now there are no added fees for developers to pay, whatever you make on a project is what you take home!
Clients no longer need to be worried about extra fees being passed on in the invoice because there aren't any!

We will be posting a blog looking at direct comparisons between Developerconnection.co.uk and some of the other more popular services, such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork and Guru really soon but until then please feel free to get in touch with us on the various social media platforms listed below, we would love to hear from you!
Thank you for for your time today and we'll see you back here tomorrow for more Developer Connection goodness. Until then stay safe and have a great day.

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