20 December 2019

Developer Connection - A match made in cyber heaven

Hello there and welcome back to another edition the Hussey Coding blog. If you've been following us over the last few days you'll know that we are half way through our series looking at one of the newest services to hit the Magento world ...

Today we’re looking at the matching process, everything we have seen so far has really been building to this moment. We’ve been talking a lot about detailed information and how important it is for everyone involved to know as much as possible.

Choosing the right person for the job or finding the right project for you is essential to everyone, nobody wants to be stuck in a deal that just isn't working, which is why you submit yourself to the gruelling sometimes disheartening task of writing endless proposals or scrolling though hundreds of offers in the hopes of finding the right project or developer.
Not any more! Bringing together the right people is the goal here at Developer Connection and so we have built our service in a way that eliminates the need for all of this needless stress and time wasting.

Our matchmaking system allows both clients and developers to be matched according to the information they gave during project/profile creation, so all that information you filled in is now being put to work for you. This will lead to smoother run projects, great relationships and invigorating work experiences.
And the great thing is you can sit back and let it happen! As a developer you won't need to write a proposal every time as your profile is your proposal and the information in your profile is what has matched you to the client. Likewise for you, the store owner, you will only be matched with the number of developers you have asked for when creating your project so you won't be bombarded with pointless, unrealistic offers.

Lets take John as an example. John is a store owner and needs a developer that can work between 11-20 hours a week on his 6 month project and he has chosen to be connected with up to 5 developers. Developer Connection then automatically finds the 5 best candidates by matching John's project criteria to the answers and details on the developers profile.

Stacey has said that she can work a maximum of 30 hours a week and that she is interested in working on projects of 6+ months.
Mike has said that he can work a maximum of 10 hours a week and that he is interested in working on projects of 1-3 months.
In this scenario Stacey will be included in John's 5 developers but Mike will not as he is not a suitable match.

John then looks over the 5 developer profiles and decides which one is the best candidate to complete his project. During this stage John can contact as many or as few of his matched developers using the contact details provided by the developers. After contacting 4 of the developers he decides to go with Stacey.
Once John and Stacey are both happy to begin the project they will both need to indicate this using the Developer Connection website. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly it allows other developers to see that the project has begun and secondly it subtracts that number of hours from Stacey's available hours. 

Time goes by, the project is completed and obviously John is ecstatic with the result. John and Stacey go back to Developer Connection and mark the project as completed which in turn adds the number of hours back onto Stacey's availability.

While Stacey is working on John's first project it is important to remember that John is free to create a second project which Stacey may not qualify for, but, miraculously, it turns out that Mike, from earlier, is perfect for the job, Happy Christmas Mike! likewise Stacey is also free to work on projects posted by Ian and Bruce at the same time if her hours permit.

Obviously the matchmaking system takes far more into account than just what we have seen above, this is just a simple example of what happens but the point is that Developer Connection takes away a huge amount to the hiring process for you, leaving you with peace of mind, confidence in the connections that have been made and gives you more time to work on the things that are important to you and your business.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day, we are looking forward to posting more blogs on developerconnection.co.uk next week as we compare Developer Connection to other services, talk about costing and how you can make more money by just using our service. Until then, feel free to drop us a line using our contact details below, stay safe and have a great weekend 

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