18 December 2019

Developer Connection - The UK's Magento specific marketplace

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Today we will be looking at who Developer Connection was designed for. As a Magneto development company ourselves, we know what it's like to search through generic marketplaces, to scroll through project upon project until we finally find the right one only to discover that by the time we put in an offer it's gone, or of having posted a project and needing to sift through endless proposals ranging from amazing but over budget to downright idiocy. If we're preaching to the choir here then rest assured, Developer Connection was built for you!

Developer Connection is a service designed specifically to bring the Magento community together, no more will you need to hunt for Magento specific projects or developers on other sites as everyone will be in the same place, under one roof. It is a service open to all Magento users looking for skilled professionals based in the UK. Offering the ability for Magento store owners and clients to connect with developers that have been chosen using our instant, intelligent and automatic matching system.
There is no limit to number or size of project you can post, however long, specific or big your project is there is a developer for you and for developers there are no limits outside of your own availability as to how many projects you can take on.

Right now our focus is on the UK Magento community meaning that if you want to create a project then you will need to be a UK based client/store owner to use the service however this works slightly differently for developers.
A developer working solo will always need to be based in the UK but with the ability to create teams on the Developer Connection service, developers from anywhere in the world will be able to take full advantage of everything that Developer Connection has to offer.
All they need to do is be invited to a team that has at least 1 UK based lead developer.

Here's how it works
John lives in the USA and wants to sign up to use Developer Connection, he has a friend, Bill, who is a developer in the UK. John contacts Bill and they both create their profiles and subscribe to the service. Bill then chooses the option to create a team as a lead developer and sends an invitation to John and now John is able to use the service.

Developer Connection is not run by a marketing or recruitment agency like some services but is run, maintained and overseen by professional Magento developers, people who know how Magento works, understand clients needs and recognise developers skills. We at Hussey Coding are passionate about Magento and doing everything we can to the best of our abilities, we have been working on Magento projects for almost 10 years so we understand the highs and lows of the industry, the frustrations and the bugbears and it is out of this passion that Developer Connection was born, so come and join us and be a part of something great!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this exciting new venture not just for us but for the Magento community as a whole, check it out now at Developerconnection.co.uk. Please feel free to get in touch with us about Developer Connection or Hussey Coding using the contact details below, we would love to hear from you, until then stay safe and have a great day.

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