17 December 2019

Developer Connection - The information highway

Hey there and welcome back to another exciting edition of the Hussey Coding blog.

Today we are continuing our series looking at the new Magento project marketplace...

Last time we took a quick look at 3 of the biggest issues with the traditional marketplace and in this blog we'll take a look at how we combat one of those issues, the lack of information.
The process of gathering information is different for store owners and developers so we'll take this in two parts beginning with store owners.

The Store Owner
First thing you're going to want to do is create a 100% free account, you will need to create an account so even if you decide to create a project right away you will be asked to create an account before you are able to post your project.
Creating an account is quick and easy and gives you a personal space to be able to see your connections, manage your projects, including the developers attached to those projects as well as talking to, hiring and reviewing developers.

The next thing you'll want to do is create a project using our list of 20 detail oriented but simple questions. Things like what version of Magento are you using? Do you need to integrate with external services? Would you prefer Magento certified developers? What is your maximum budget? and how many developers do you want to be matched with? Some of these questions are required for creating your project, which helps us to match you to the best developers for your project but some, like project summary, are optional.

Once you've answered all the questions you can or want to, you then create your project with a one off payment. We will go over costings for both clients and developers in another blog coming soon but after you have clicked that payment button you will be instantly matched with developers who meet the specific requirements that you laid out during project creation and remember, you can have any number of projects on the go at the same time, you are not limited to one project at a time.

The Developer
Developers will need to pay a one off joining fee to be able to create an account with Developer Connection and once signed up you'll be able to create your profile. Your profile is one of the most important parts of the whole process, usually with other services you would need to write a proposal for each project you want to "win" but not with Developer Connection! Your profile is your proposal and so it needs to be as detailed as possible and we are here to help.

Having a developer pass a pre set test or solve a simple coding problem that could be memorised before hand is an inadequate representation of a persons skills, creativity and personality. By default developers are all these things, creative, dedicated, problem solvers and that should be showcased, so we have created a process for developers using the service to reflect this belief.
The first part of the process is a developer questionnaire including questions like what is your weekly availability? In what areas of Magento do you specialise? and have you experience in creating a store from scratch?
The second part is all up to you, you will be able to upload documents like your C.V., client references, open source contributions and website addresses to previous work or showcase sites.

Your profile is completely editable so you can add and take away things as you go. Once you have completed your profile you will need to set up a monthly subscription to the service in order to be matched to unlimited projects, there is no cap or maximum, the only restriction on projects will be dependant on the hours you tell us you are available as we manage this for you automatically so you will never be offered more than you can handle.

We hope you can see how providing a rich source of information from the beginning is in everyone's best interest, it helps to be rid of the traditional weight of frustration, distrust and confusion that are often associated with the traditional market place and to replace it with an atmosphere of trust, efficiency and professionalism.

Thank you for taking time to read our blog today, we hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure in creating a better, healthier environment for both store owners and developers here at Developerconnection.co.uk
If you have any questions then you can find us using our contact details below, we would love to hear from you but until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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