16 December 2019

Developer Connection - Knowledge is power

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Hussey Coding blog all about the exciting new Magento project marketplace ...

Sir Francis Bacon is widely believed to have originally spoken the famous words “knowledge is power”, these words have been spoken and written in emails, memos, board meetings and conferences all over the world but when it comes to the traditional market place this widely accepted and repeated philosophy seems to be missing in action.

Common sense would dictate that the more information available about a project and or a developer before hand would greatly increase the success rate and satisfaction of all parties and while it is also fair to say that you may not want to give every detail of your project away or need to reveal your school exam results on your CV there is a serious lack of vital information in some cases. I wish we were talking about trivial information here but we aren't, important things like budget, time scale and availability are all extremely important in the development process and yet so often these things are missing.

So who’s to blame for this? Is it the service? Is it the clients, store owners or developers fault? Truth be told the mess belongs to everyone, there are store owners and clients unwilling to give specific details on projects, things like deadlines or budget, developers who don’t give realistic timescales in the fear of not securing a project and services that encourage this environment of confusion and frustration by not asking parties to provide essential information. To often you see badly written project specs that developers are tripping over each other to "win", writing proposal after proposal filled with unrealistic promises using services that are just happy to let this happen as long as you use them.

Enter Developer Connection where we have created a quick, easy and detailed project creation form for store owners to fill out. This project creation form is specifically geared to provide developers with all the information they need by making many of the questions mandatory, things like "How long do you expect the project to take?" and "What version of Magento is the project for?". 
Likewise there is a process where developers can input their availability, qualifications and specialist areas to help clients choose the best developer for their project. Developers also won't need to write endless proposals either, your developer profile will be your proposal so as long as you create a great, eye catching profile then you should have no problems.

Tomorrow we’ll dive into the finer details of this process but for now we’ll leave you with this. If knowledge truly is power and the traditional market place is content to leave itself and it’s users in a position of informational drought maybe it’s time for something new, so come and join us at Developerconnection.co.uk and take back your power!

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