24 September 2014

Evolved Caching 1.9.0 released

Version 1.9.0 of our flagship Magento extension, full page caching solution Evolved Caching has just been released.  1.9.0 marks the 12th release since version 1.8.0 and again a lot has changed.  We have added support for a wider range of setups (for instance supporting installs in a subdirectory), added better and more complete admin notifications to improve usability, greatly increased the number of scenarios under which the cache is refreshed (for instance on a frontend sale, and when taking admin action like creating orders and credit memos) and implemented a number of other functionality improvements and minor bug fixes.

The most noteworthy addition to the extension however is the use of BigPipe technology, new to 1.9.0.  This replaces the previous non AJAX dynamic content serving strategy and we believe Evolved Caching to be the first full page caching extension to implement it.  This greatly improves performance when compared to the previous non AJAX strategy and means that now both AJAX and non AJAX methods are closely comparable in performance terms.

BigPipe Update Strategy
BigPipe Update Strategy

Using BigPipe strategy brings a major advantage.  When using AJAX updating for dynamic content, if you exclude a block from caching which relies on certain JavaScript functionality, you may find this functionality breaks.  While you can already resolve these problems by using the evolved:loaded JavaScript event Evolved Caching fires, by switching to BigPipe you can now resolve these issues without any technical knowledge and still keep outstanding performance.

You can read about the full capabilities of Evolved Caching including in depth usage and full benchmarks here.

The extension is compatible with Magento 1.4 and above.  You can view all Hussey Coding extensions including this one on Magento Connect, and you can purchase Evolved Caching here.

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