12 May 2014

Magento performance profiler

We have recently launched our latest tool which is designed to go hand in hand with Evolved Caching, our performance profiler.  Evolved Caching is our highly advanced Magento full page caching solution, which we truly believe is the best caching solution in the market place, oustripping alternatives both in terms of performance, and versatility.

We know that you want to be sure before purchasing an extension like Evolved Caching, and to help you make the right choice is exactly why we created our profiler.  The completely free tool makes it quick and easy to analyse the performance of your store and gives you straight forward and clear advice, highly tailored to your store and it's current performance.

It's not sales driven, so if the performance of your store is already good then it will tell you that you don't need Evolved Caching.  If there is potential for improving performance then it will tell you how you can do that, and give you the reasons why you might want to consider purchasing Evolved Caching.

You may already have come across our previous blog post about Magento performance - it's a great source of information which shows you three important areas to look at when assessing the performance of your store.  The profiler is designed to asses, in real time, the areas discussed in the post and will give you clear information about current performance, it will also show you any areas of improvement, and make a recommendation on what kind of improvement you would be likely to see using Evolved Caching.

So along with the extensive documentation that already exists for Evolved Caching, and the performance information given in the blog post, we are confident that the addition of the profiler allows you to make a truly educated decision about purchasing our top rated caching extension, Evolved Caching.

You can read about the full capabilities of Evolved Caching including in depth usage and full benchmarks here.

The extension is compatible with Magento 1.4 and above.  You can view all Hussey Coding extensions including this one on Magento Connect, and you can purchase Evolved Caching here.

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