9 April 2014

Evolved Caching 1.8.0 released

Version 1.8.0 of our flagship Magento extension, full page caching solution Evolved Caching has just been released.  As ever a lot has changed since version 1.7.0, and a number of fixes for occasionally occurring bugs are now in place.  More importantly however are two major new features added for this release.

The first major addition is the automatic re-caching of pages for scheduled design changes, and product special prices.  If you have configured a store wide, category based, or product based design change to run for a limited time, the relevant cached pages will now be cleared and re-cached automatically at the start, and end of this period.  The same is also true when scheduling a time limited special price for a product.  So now you can be sure your cache will always be up to date, even during seasonal promotions.

Generate Cache button
Generate Cache button

The second major addition is a feature which many competing full page cache extension developers offer only as a separate, paid extension - a cache crawler.  The Full Page Cache Entries grid now features a new button, Generate Cache.  Once generated, by using automatic cache clearing and warming, the cache really keeps itself up to date.  However when there is no cache, whether that's because Evolved Caching has just been installed, or because the cache needed to be cleared for some reason, the Generate Cache button lets you immediately build up a good basic cache for the store.  The crawler will cache all CMS, category and product pages for the store, so a good percentage of pages a customer visits will be cached right from the outset.

You can read about the full capabilities of Evolved Caching including in depth usage and full benchmarks here.

The extension is compatible with Magento 1.4 and above.  You can view all Hussey Coding extensions including this one on Magento Connect, and you can purchase Evolved Caching here.

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