13 July 2020

What is the Magento association?

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During the Imagine conference of 2018, the newly formed Magento association was announced to the world. Now I don't know about you but the association is something I hear about from time to time but I'm not really sure what it is, what it does or why it's important which is eventually what lead to the writing of this blog.

The first question we have to ask is what is the Magento Association?

The association is made up of members of the Magento community, developers, store owners, partners, masters, clients, basically, anyone and everyone from the Magento community who wants to join. The association is there to listen to the Magento community, help it to grow and to help it make a difference in the Magento ecosystem as a whole. How does it do that? By dedicating its self to supporting and building up the things that make the Magento community great already!

For example, maybe you tuned into this year's online Meet Magento UK from a part of the world that doesn't have any Magento events and you came away with a great vision and passion for your own Meet Magento type event for your country, the association should be one of your first ports of call.

Bosting over 1700 community members from over 68 counties and 6 continents the Magento association is huge and as such needs some form of management to help guide the ship, this management team is made up of board members, staff and members of the original task force formed to create the association back in 2018.

So who are they?

Becoming an association member is simple, just head to their website magentoassociation.org and sign up, it's free to join and comes with a few perks too, association members will save 10% on all training and certification services offered by Magento U, serve on a committee and contribute to the development of year-round programming for the Magento association, get exclusive benefits and discounts from select Magento association partners and if that wasn't enough they also get exclusive member registration savings at Magento organised conferences and events.

As it stands there still isn't a whole ton of information out there, much of the site seems a little repetitive in the way of content and after a quick search on social media there seems to be a 50/50 attitude to the association, which seems to stem from an apparent lack of direction from the association as to how it achieves its own goals. However, it is vitally important to remember that the association is still new in many respects and since its inception, we have gone through an incredible amount as a community and a planet.

Internally, Magento association members you are now able to vote on the first of 3 questions 

  • What do we want to be called?
  • What do we want and need from our association?
  • How do we want to collaborate with each other?

and the answers to these questions will hopefully help both the association and its membership to find their feet in the coming weeks and months.

Overall the association seems to be an extension of the Magento community ecosystem, its goals are admirable and genuine and given a bit more time we think it could turn out to be another great resource for the community invest in.

What are your thoughts on the Magento association? Maybe it's new to you or maybe you have been signed up since day 1, are you in favour of it or against it? head on over to our social media platforms listed below and tell us all about it, we would love to hear from you!

As always we would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read our blog, until next time, stay safe and have a great day.

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