20 April 2020

Adobe Summit Sneaks - Dually Noted

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If you have been with us for the last 2 weeks you will know that we have been covering the Keynote sessions of this years Adobe Summit, all of which are live and on our blog page. For the next 2 weeks we're going to be covering the last of the keynote videos ...
 First things first, what are sneaks? Simply put they are sneak previews on things that Adobe are working on right now and we are presented with 7 in total during this session.
Unfortunately there are no time stamps in this session so if you are looking for a particular sneak you're going to have to do some jumping around, however, we've made a note of where each one begins and ends so don't worry, we've got you!

The first of the sneaks is called Project Dually Noted and starts at 2.00 in, ends at about 5.30 and is brought to us by Lynn Gong & Eric Matisoff.
This is a neat little tool that makes reviewing both physical and digital documents across long distances much, much easier.

The example given here is a book, the artist wants to know if the author is happy with the design. The artist calls up the digital copy and using the Adobe platform can leave comments on the digital copy for the author to pick up.
Instantly on the other side of the world the author can open the Adobe app, scan a physical copy of the book, read the comments left and reply to the artist using a nifty combo of augmented reality and the power of Adobe.
But it is not limited to just books, any kind of document can undergo the dually noted treatment, contracts and legal documentation, pictures and graphics and a host of other things.

This is a really cool tool and the presentation deserves a watch so head to adobe.com/uk/summit.html?video=5 now to check it out.

That's it for today, join us again on Wednesday for another sneaks mini blog, thanks for supporting us today, stay safe and have a great day!

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