30 December 2019

Developer Connection Vs ...

Hello and welcome back the not only the last blog of our series but also our last blog of 2019! And as promised today is the big day, today is the day we take all the information we have gathered on other marketplace sites and use it to compare to ...

Before we begin we'd just like to write a small disclaimer stating that business is business, it is a foolish notion to get into business without the mindset of being able to make money, even charities and not for profit organisations have to make money in order to run effectively and so at no point are we (Hussey Coding or Developer Connection) criticising any company or individual for doing so, as we have stated before, even Developer Connection has to make money.

With that out of the way let's begin.

Developer Connection Vs Upwork, Freelancer and PeopePerHour.
Upwork - Bosting 12million registered freelancers and 5million registered clients Upwork is easily the biggest name in the online freelancer marketplace today. Upwork allows it's clients to interview, hire and work with their chosen freelancers using it's site's tools, things like real time chat, time sheets and payment options.

Freelancer - Operating in 247 countries including India, the Philippines, the UK and the USA, Freelancer is the holder of the largest user title with an estimated 16million users signed up to it's service. Based in Australia, freelancer is a marketplace for clients to post work and watch as freelancers bid to 'win' that work. They can also create profiles, rate each other and post competitions with cash prizes

PeoplePerHour - The largest UK marketplace with just under 2.4million freelancers and close to 1million clients, PeoplePerHour allows it's users to review each other, to post quickly, gives you an inbox task list, communication options and the ability to invoice.

Obviously it's difficult to compare Developer Connection to Upwork, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour in a direct sense for may reasons, they have been running longer, they are general marketplaces where as Developer Connection is a Magento specific marketplace and so on, so is there any competition here? Can Developer Connection even dare to think it can compete with industry giants like these? Well, if that were true, I wouldn't be writing this sentence!

So where do we compete? We compete where it matters most, the bank balance. We know that your bottom line is very important to you and that every penny needs to be justly accounted for and so even though we openly admit that Developer Connection needs to make money we are also here to change the game! We are here to show you that the old way of running a marketplace and having to pay unnecessary hidden fees is coming to an end!

To use Upwork there is a 20% service charge for every hour worked by the developer ... let that sink in ... 20% an hour! Which is commonly split by the developer onto the client which means, Clients, when you are paying your developers using Upwork's payment tool, which I should add Upwork is charging you an extra 3% to do, you are also probably paying at least half of what Upwork are charging your developer to just be a part of the service. Assuming that the developer passes half the cost onto you that's an extra 13% you are paying for 1 hours work. This does not include any membership fees or the price charged for making connections.

Freelancer does the same though at a smaller rate of 10-15% and like Upwork, will charge an extra 3% processing fee on top for the privilege of using their free payment tool. Again this does not include any extra add ons or service 'benefits' that are on offer. Making the same assumption as with Upwork that the developer will pass on half of the cost and even taking the lower percentage, you as a client are now paying an extra 8% on top of your projects cost per hour.

PeoplePerHour also charges an astonishing 20% service fee per hour for developers and will charge the developer to withdraw money from their PPH account depending on where it's going. They also charge the client a £0.60 +10% service charge as well and all this before you add up the cost of the extras that will be offered to enhance your user experience. Making the same assumption as before it is possible for the client to be charged over 20% extra for their project using PPH.

Developer Connection doesn't charge you for these things. There is a 0% service charge and there are no tools for you to use which means there are no extra charges for using them.
The reason we have no tools is because we want our developers and clients to have the freedom to use the tools they like to use, you are free to use your own tracker sites, your preferred payment methods, your favourite communication platforms and there are no penalties for working outside of Developer Connection, all we want to do is connect clients with skilled developers.

So what's the verdict? This small chart will clearly show you the numbers when it comes to the hidden fees of the marketplace.

If you want to see how we compare to other services out there like TopTal, Gun.io and Commerce Hero then click HERE.

When we created Developer Connection we wanted to change the game, we wanted to take the old way of doing things, throw it away and create something brand new that offered low costs but great service and we believe that we have done that, this idea that the only way to make money is to charge extra for things that really shouldn't be charged for is not a part of the Developer Connection DNA so Store owners, Developers will you help us to raise the bar? to take a stand? to change the game? Because we can't do it without you!
Head to developerconnection.co.uk now and sign up to post or find your next Magento project and help to support Developer Connection while helping yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to support us not just today but throughout 2019, we've loved chatting, meeting and helping many of you. If you want to be a part of the conversation then check us out at our various social media places listed below and on behalf of Hussey Coding may I wish you a fantastic holiday season and an amazing new year!
From all of us here, stay safe and have a great day!

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