27 May 2019

Meet Magento UK '19 - David Deppner

Hello and welcome back to another mini edition of the Hussey Coding blog

This is the fourth mini in our series looking at the speakers that will be attending this years Meet Magento UK '19 and their topics. So with the big day approaching and 14 seminars to choose from let's dive right in.

In this blog we will look at
David Deppner and his topic - Practical Magento security for managers and marketers
And who's this seminar for?

David Deppner

Technical Track – 11:35 – 12:05

Security is a huge deal in everyday life for everyone. we lock our cars, our homes and our phones but so often we leave the security of our online stores solely in the hands of a development or tech team. This is the issue that David Deppner is bringing to us in his seminar this June.
For sure, have someone install your security and manage it but there is still a ton of stuff that you can do or not do to ensure that the risk of a security breach is as low as possible.
David brings over 25 years worth of experience in his field and is the CEO and founder of Psyberware, an ad management company that will manage your Google and Bing Ad accounts. Producing tailor made plans and strategies to fit in with your business they seek to maximise your profit and brand recognition through search, display, re marketing and other avenues.

Who’s it for?
If you are just starting out and maybe don't have an IT team, if you want to implement some new security policies, if you have ever suffered a security breach and want to make changes or if you just want to make sure you are doing all you can to make your store and business as safe as possible then this is your seminar.

For more info on David and Psyberware follow the links below

David Deppner
Twitter - twitter.com/daviddeppner
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/daviddeppner

Website - www.psyberware.com

Thank you for spending your time reading over this mini blog, do remember that David Deppner is speaking the same time as Dan Coleman so check out our mini about Dan and his topic to help you make the best choice for you. We're really looking forward to being a part of MMUK '19 and hope to see you there. Until then stay safe and have a great day

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