11 January 2021

Developer Connection - Hire the right UK Magento developers for your project.

In case you didn't notice, we recently overhauled our whole website and branding and to celebrate, over the next few week's we'll be taking a fresh look at everything Developer Connection has to offer both Magento developers and store owners alike.

Developer Connection is purposefully designed to be a Magento specific marketplace for developers and store owners to enjoy fast, easy, professional experiences while building long-lasting business relationships with others using the service.

There are many other services out there that claim to have this same vision while claiming to be different and be the best. Though we're not here to claim these things, we believe that we offer both clients and developers something unique, fresh and unrivalled.

We'll be making direct comparisons between Developer Connection and some of the more popular services in an upcoming blog, for now, we're going to look at the wider traditional market place to see how Developer Connection is different in 3 key areas.

One of the biggest problems with all of these services is hidden fees! Hidden fees are where the majority of these services make their money. Either by splitting the cost between freelancer and client or palming off the total amount to one or other. There's no escaping the reality that someone IS paying more than they NEED to, to the benefit of the service providers.
Developer Connection has NO hidden fees. Everything is upfront and there for you to see before you push that payment button.

Another issue with the traditional marketplace is communication.
Services will do everything they can to get you to use their service for everything and package it with a bow under the guise of convenience. What many people are unaware of is the small print that says if you connect with your chosen developer or client using any tools outside of the ones the service provides, then you are likely to be barred from the service or have your account permanently deleted.
We hate this! It creates this atmosphere of distrust and pressure between client and freelancer and is very "big brother is watching".
At Developer Connection, all we do is connect people, so you are free to use the tools you're used to and communicate outside of our service.

There's also the amount of information that's required by the service.
Many of these services require minimal information on projects, pricing and deadlines and often leaves developers chasing project details and store owners waiting for results. This again creates this friction between all parties involved.
As a development company ourselves, we understand the need for precise and clear information so created a quick but detailed way for store owners to communicate their needs and for developers to showcase their abilities and communicate their availability to clients.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a closer look at these 3 issues and more as we compare Developer Connection with the other services out there in the traditional marketplace.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. If you have any questions about Developer Connection, please feel free to contact us using the details below. Until then, stay safe and have a great day.

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