7 September 2020

How to clear your device's web cache

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Today we continue our series on caching by learning how to clear the cache on two of the worlds most popular operating systems for mobile/devices. But first, if you've missed our first two blogs "What is caching?" and "how to clear your browser's cache" then click on the links to read them.

As you can see above, we're going to be telling you how to clear the cache on Android and IoS devices. But before we do that, let's remind ourselves why caching and the clearing of it are important.

Have you ever been using an App on your device and it suddenly shuts down? Or playing a game and be irritated by an unresponsive control? This could be because of outdated or corrupted files in your cache.

While the cache is generally a good thing to have it can take up a lot of space on your mobile or device, sometimes the cached files can become corrupted making the request's response invalid, distorted or buggy, this is particularly irritating on mobile and there are times when old responses can get stuck in the cache, this can again interfere with the running of the sites you want to visit. Clearing the cache is a great way to either fix these problems or at least eliminate them from the list of possible culprits.

Android Browser Cache








First off open your mobile browser, the default for Android is Chrome, and in the top right of your screen, you'll see 3 dots.







Tap them to see a drop-down menu appear.
Look down the list until you see "History" and tap on it.










Then tap "Clear browser data."







Here you can choose the "time range" you want to delete along with checkboxes for browsing history, cookies and site data, media licences, Cached images and files and more.












Just below that is the "clear data" button, tap it to, well, clear the data.

Congratulations, your browser's cache is now empty and ready to store new fresh files to improve your browsing experience.

IoS Browser Cache











Firstly open your settings


















Then scroll down until you see the "Safari" icon. It's a way down, so keep going until you get there. Once you've found it, tap it.







On the new screen, scroll down again until you see "Clear History and Website Data" and tap it.

























 A little message will pop up telling you what will be deleted with "Clear History and Data" appearing in red. Just tap the red writing and, your browser cache will be cleared.










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