11 June 2019

Meet Magento UK '19 - Guido Jansen

Welcome back to this exciting edition of the Hussey Coding blog.

With mini blogs on all of the seminar speakers now published you may be wondering where do we go from here? Well never fear as we have not 1, not 2 but 3 keynote speakers to cover as well!

In this blog we will look at
Guido Jansen and his topic - Magento association: An update

Guido Jansen

Main Auditorium – 9:40 – 9:50
Guido Jansen sits on the board of directors of the newly formed Magento Association. The MA is there to serve the wider Magento community, giving it a definitive structure through joint efforts in problem solving, communication, teaching and leadership.
In this general seminar Guido will be walking us through what the association does and will do, their values, what it means for the Magento community as a whole and ways that you and I can get involved.
Over the last 15 years Guido Jansen has been gaining a vast amount of experience in a variety of different roles, including training and leadership.

You may be wondering why there is no "Who's it for?" section, well, basically since this seminar is being held as a general session that everyone attends I didn't see the need of the "Who's it for" section as it's literally for everyone.

To learn more about Guido just follow the links below

Guido Jansen
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/gxjansen
Twitter - twitter.com/guido 
Instagram - instagram.com/gxjansen

And that's it, our first keynote speaker has oofficially been covered, stay tuned to the Hussey Coding blog all this week for more minis and don't forget to look us up on our various social media profiles and show some support for HC.
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