29 May 2019

Meet Magento UK '19 - Kam Chovet

Good day to you reader and welcome to another mini blog by Hussey Coding.

The days are flying by as we prepare for our first road trip here at Hussey coding to meet, listen and learn all we can at this years Meet Magento UK.
As we continue our mini series looking at the speakers and their topics we can feel the buzz building!

In this blog we will look at
Kam Chovet and her topic - Scaling a Flower Disruptor
And who's this seminar for?


Kam Chovet

Merchant Track – 14:00 – 14:30
FLOWERBX is an online flower delivery service, delivering freshly sourced flowers to London, New York City, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and at least another 16 European countries. Described as "The game changing delivery service" by Vogue and a service that "Never fails to impress" by Forbes you would think that they had been in business for decades right?
NO! Just 2 years ago FLOWERBX was a start up delivering flowers to Greater London only. In this seminar we will hear speaker Kam Chovet, technology director at FLOWERBX talk about the following
· Selling perishable goods: what’s beyond your ecommerce platform
· Pushing the limits of Magento with our subscription model
· Scaling up our infrastructure to go international
· Servicing B2C and B2B
· Technical resources: outsourced or in-house?

In 15 years Kam has worked as a project manager for some of the biggest names including British airways, Right move and Amazon. Now, as the technology director for FLOWERBX she continues her personal campaign to facilitate and drive change within e-commerce so that businesses can grow and deliver outstanding shopping experiences to their customers.

Who's this seminar for?
This seminar is for you if you sell perishable goods, be it flowers, food or other perishable items and want to sell to a lager area. If you are looking on going global or selling to customers and businesses.
But mostly I would recommend this seminar to those of you who are feeling overwhelmed with you business right now, feeling like you are putting everything in and not getting much back, being able to listen to a seminar on how FLOWERBX went from a start up to an international business in just 2 years could be the turning point for you and your business.

Find out more about Kam and order some flowers for that special event by following the links below

Cam Chovet
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/kamchovet

Website - www.flowerbx.com
At the time of writing this mini blog I have no info on Tom Erskine's seminar who will be speaking the same time as Kam but make sure you stay tuned to Hussey Coding for any updates.
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