31 May 2019

Meet Magento 'UK '19 - Antonija Tadic

Hello and welcome back to another of Hussey Coding's mini blogs.

With just 2 weeks left until Meet Magento UK'19 we are well into our mini blog series taking a look at all of the speakers and their topics, in fact we are almost done with the seminar speakers but don't worry, we have a few keynote speakers to go after that and one or two extra things to talk about before the big day.

In this blog we will look at
Antonija Tadic and her topic - 10 tips to get the most of your dev team
And who's this seminar for?

Antonija Tadic

Technical Track – 14:35 – 15:05

Development teams, like any team really are amazing, a team full of skilled, motivated, enthusiastic people who are always ready to go the extra mile for your vision with the same passion and drive that you have ... right?
What do you do when morale drops? or when someone on your team is digging in their heels and won't move on an issue?
Leadership and project management can be a minefield and if your not careful then you can make things a hundred times worse!

That's where Antonija Tadic comes in. With a wealth of experience and passion for sales and project management, Antonija will be bringing us her top tips on how we can be better project managers, how to avoid common mistakes, how to communicate with our teams and clients and how, by making ourselves better PM's, we can naturally bring out the best work in our teams.

Who's this seminar for?
This seminar is for you if you are a project manager and understand that no matter how great a PM you are, that there is always room for improvement, if you have minor or even major issues with your team but you aren't sure what to do, if you are just starting out or thinking about beginning a development team or if you are about to take over a team of developers due to promotion or new employment.

Following the links below will help you get to know Antonija a little better

Antonija Tadic
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/antonijatadic
Twitter - twitter.com/Antonija_Tadic

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Meet Magento UK is just around the corner and we are very excited to see you all there but until then stay safe and have a great day.

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