16 October 2015

Grab your free Magento extensions

Over the past few months we've been gradually making all of our paid extensions free.  Well all apart from our flagship advanced full page caching extension Evolved Caching (which by the way we feel is the best full page caching option out there).

Everyone loves free (good) stuff and all of the extensions we are giving away are well developed, capable solutions with a couple of years development behind each one - so we haven't just knocked out a load of speedily developed, poor quality pieces of software, these extensions have been developed and improved over a long period of time by highly experienced Magento developers.

Here's what we are offering:

Cookies For Comments

Adds contact form spam protection based on the popular WordPress plugin.

Infinite Scroll

Adds SEO friendly infinite scroll functionality to category pages.
Adds dispatch estimate notifications to products, cart page, frontend/backend order view and order emails.
Manage all of your Sirportly ticketing from Magento admin.
Disable third party admin notifications but still be notified by Magento with Spam Filter.
Increase the social profile of your Magento site by easily adding store specific tweets.
Adds tab style content switching to Magento CMS pages
Sort and filter the sales order grid by many different columns.
Get both ajax add/remove cart functionality and a mini cart popup.

You can get hold of all of these on GitHub, Connect (linked above), or via the Composer package manager.

It's also well worth taking at look at our flagship extension Evolved Caching.  This is a highly advanced, mature, full page caching extension we believe truly outstrips the competition both in terms of performance and functionality.  In constant development since early 2013 this extension is running on some of the largest, most demanding and highly developed Magento stores online.

Use our performance profiler to test your stores current performance, and sign up for a free 30 day trial of Evolved Caching before you commit to buy.

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