14 December 2012

Ajax Cart Popup Magento Extension Launched

Ajax Cart Popup by Hussey Coding
Hussey Coding is proud to announce the launch of its new Magento extension Ajax Cart Popup.  The extension is designed to significantly improve your customers browsing experience by removing page reloads and redirects when adding or removing products from the cart, or changing a products quantity.

The extension replaces the side bar mini cart and instead gives you a stylish slide out mini cart popup when you hover over the 'My Cart' link.  You can have up to 10 products display in this popup, which you can also remove, or edit the quantities of using Ajax, and it also includes convenient links to the cart and checkout pages.

Ajax Cart Popup Mini Cart
Slide Out Mini Cart

The add to cart functionality also gives you a stylish popup after the Ajax process has completed.  This again includes links to the cart, and checkout pages, and on product pages also features a link to go back to the parent category.

Ajax Cart Popup Notice
Ajax Cart Popup

Finally, there are a range of configuration options available in admin under System → Configuration → Hussey Coding → Ajax Cart Popup.  The available options are:
  • Enable/disable Ajax add to cart functionality
  • Set which cart and checkout shortcut buttons to display in the Ajax popup
  • Set the number of producs to display in the mini cart popup
  • Set the slideout speed of the mini cart popup
  • Define whether the mini cart popup prices should include tax
Ajax Cart Popup Admin Settings
Admin Settings

The extension is compatible with all product types, and with Magento 1.4 and above.  You can view a quick video demo of it here, view all Hussey Coding extensions including this one on Magento Connect, and you can purchase Ajax Cart Popup here.

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